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My Latest Obsession: Sweets for the Sweet

Valentine's Day Sweets

Valentine's Day Sweets

Some people really hate Valentine’s Day. I’m a fan, but I like to do it in a unique, not blown over the top way.One thing I usually do for my Valentine is to get small little treats and gift them throughout the day. I love leaving little surprises around; it’s something I delight in doing. I’ve hidden things in glove compartments, the fridge, on top of laptops (don’t worry, it wasn’t heavy) and computer bags, in cupboards, a desk drawer, medicine cabinets, on and under pillows, coat pockets,  and just out in plain site. No place is off limits…it all depends on what place is the most unexpected and will cause the most amusement.

Since Valentine’s Day is probably the most sugar-friendly  holiday out there (and you know I have a sweet tooth!), sweets in various forms are definitely on my list of gifts for my Valentine. What kind of sweets? Well, since I can make some pretty mean cookies on my own, I’m opting for the other confectionery C’s: Cupcakes, Chocolate and Candy.

There are a lot of people who would say that Kara’s Cupcakes or That Takes the Cake have the best cupcakes in San Francisco, but for my money, the best cupcakes in town are in Noe Valley, my old neighborhood. Inside the Noe Valley Bakery, yes you can find all the baked goods that your heart desires, but you will also find the most amazing cupcakes here as well (they even have an addition line where you can phone your order in). They’re flavorful, not too dense and have frosting that you just can’t get enough of. Their list of mouth-watering selections include: Boston Cream Pie, Carrot, Chocolate-Caramel-Fleur de Sel, Fudge, Lemon Drop, Most-est Cupcake (their version of a Hostess Ding-Dong filled with Bavarian Cream), Red Velvet and Vanilla. I’ve tried most of them, but my favorites are the Chocolate-Caramel-Fleur de Sel, Lemon Drop (there’s even a cute bee on top!) and the Most-est. I’ve also tried flavors that aren’t listed as part of their staples, so get in your car, jump on the 24 Divisadero, or take a walk to Noe Valley Bakery to make sure you sample these little bits of heaven soon!

While you’re in Noe, take a stroll just a few doors down on 24th Street to Chocolate Covered. Inside you will find talented clerks who can basically match you (or whomever you’re shopping for) with the perfect chocolate. The exterior of the building might make you do a double-take. This isn’t your typical chocolate shop. One half of the store is dedicated to a wide variety of chocolate from all over the world, the other half is for lunchboxes and other unique gifts. Yes, you can find all the Vosges Chocolate you can eat (including my personal faves, Mo’s Dark Chocloate Bacon Bar and the Black Salt Caramel Bar), but you can also find local, organic and exclusives in the shop. You can literally walk into the store, say you’re hungry for a particular type of chocolate, or some flavor in your chocolate, and they will find the perfect match for you. I actually went through a taste test one time to find out what the perfect percentage of dark chocolate was ideal for me. These people are the real deal.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, and you think that cupcakes are overdone, try heading out to Miette in Hayes Valley or the Ferry Building. Among the delicious cookies, macaroons and cupcakes, you will find all the candy that you grew up with, but can’t seem to find anymore. Their salted caramels practically melt in your mouth and you can also find malted balls, gummy bears, jelly beans, saltwater taffy, licorice, pixy stix, lemon drops and lollipops. I’ve always had a lot of fun watching children run around looking at all the different types of candy they can’t wait to stuff into their mouths, and their parents taking equally fun trips down memory lane. If Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory  had a fashionable sister, it would be this store.

Great, now I’m hungry. Time to feed the sweet tooth!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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