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Mirror, Mirror: The Sexy Self Love Soirée

Must be prepared for cold weather and public transit!

Must be prepared for cold weather and public transit!

If an event is called “The Sexy Self Love Soirée,” you better come sexy!  During the week, I’m wearing “teacher” clothes, so I went all out for this Women Enough event, especially since it was for showing yourself some love.

I took the bart train to downtown San Francisco, and since it was so cold, layers were necessary.  That, and you can’t be too sexy walking down the street.  If I didn’t wear leggings underneath my bright pink trench coat, imaginations would have run wild.  And forget about walking up Powell Street in heels!  Flats were my best companion.  But as soon as I arrived at the event, I brought sexy back and put my heels on.

Fuchsia satin trench coat: bebe
Chanel-inspired bag: Estée Lauder
Grey leather gloves: vintage
Snake skin leggings: Express
Gold-tipped flats: H&M

Mirror, Mirror: My "ugly" dress

Mirror, Mirror: My "ugly" dress

I call the dress I wore my “ugly” dress.  I know, it doesn’t make sense to wear an ugly dress to a sexy event, but here’s the story:  During my birthday weekend, after a nice dinner out, we decided to go out for some drinks.  I didn’t want to go out in just jeans and a t-shirt, so I needed to find a dress- quickly. With only a few minutes until the mall closed, I ran into Express, tried on about 5 dresses, and didn’t like anything.  Just before the store closed, I saw the “ugly” dress on the rack.  It wasn’t ugly at all to me; the bandage bottom and v-necked blouson top looked very comfortable, yet sexy…and I didn’t even need a strapless bra!  Score!  There was no need to try it on, because I knew it was perfect….

Until…some chick called me ugly that night.  What an ugly thing to say.  I know better than to believe her, but ever since then, I relate what she called me to that dress.

I usually don’t wear the same dress over and over (and over) again, but this dress has become a fave.  And I made sure to be as sexy as I could be every time I wore it.  New Years Eve, friend’s birthday parties, or even just dinner, I switch up my accessories to make this dress make me feel anything but ugly.

“Ugly” bandage dress: Express
Chain drop earrings: bebe (and my lucky wooden ones)
Multi-chain ecklace: Metropark
Pearly bubble ring: Aldo
Stretchy pearly bracelets: H&M
Greyish-purple nail color: Kelly by ZOYA

Oh, la la! Sexy satin and lace for boudoir photos.

Oh, la la! Sexy satin and lace for boudoir photos.

Oh, and believe I wore something extra sexy underneath my dress for the boudoir photo booth!

Satin & lace bustier: Frederick’s of Hollywood
Satin & lace heels: Preview International from Nordstrom

Graphics by C-Rocka

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4 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror: The Sexy Self Love Soirée”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    Cute! I love the lace heels! And we need to come up with a new name for the “ugly” dress – how could anyone say that to you?! You should call it the “sticks & stones” dress :)

  2. Ray says:

    I agree. Anyone who says that dress is ugly is either out of her mind or jealous (or both). Wear that dress with pride!

  3. artiffact artiffact says:

    Well, she called me ugly, not the dress =/….

    But I just love wearing it because I do feel sexy in it, and to call it my ugly dress is my way of making fun of the situation. But I do like the sound of the “sticks and stones” dress. I’ll definitely be wearing it more than I already am.

  4. jan9 jan9 says:



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