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Mirror, Mirror: Lazy Sunday 02.20.11

Last Sunday was part of a 3-day weekend so it felt more like a Saturday. We started our day in San Francisco then went over the Golden Gate for lunch in Sausalito, went to the Heath factory and then went back to SF for dinner. We did a lot of running around but it was a very fun, relaxing lazy Sunday. Here’s what I wore – you can see what the Tiny Dancer wore on Lil’ Miss

Earrings: Post Earrings, Chanel
Top: Plaid Mickey Mouse Button Up, Uniqlo (Shanghai)
Tee: Black long sleeve tee, Gap
Necklace: Mama nameplate, Custom, Lee’s Jewelry
Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs $5 Bins
Bottom: Skinny Jeans, Banana Republic
Shoes: Black leather Chuck Taylor hi-tops, Converse
Scarf: Olive leopard print, H&M
Outerwear: Olive field jacket, JCrew

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3 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror: Lazy Sunday 02.20.11”

  1. jsica Jessica says:

    I love this entire outfit! I really like that anorak/parka! You can never go wrong with black chucks, seriously.

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Thank you! I know, I love my Chucks – and as you can see from how dirty they are I wear them a lot! I need a new pair :)

  3. artiffact artiffact says:

    oh the mama necklace…sigh….i want one!


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