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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Incase iPhone 4 Ping Pong Cover

Protection you can play with

Protection you can play with

Sure you can do a ton of wonderful things with your iPhone: surf the internet, make calls, check your emails, play the 15 zillion different versions of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope.  But have you ever stopped to consider using it an an instrument of destruction in an impromptu table tennis match?  Well now you can (lies!) with the Incase Ping Pong Cover.  Incase’s first rubber case for the iPhone 4 features a textured surface reminiscent of a ping pong paddle that provides a better grip on your phone while offer form fitting protection from those  inevitable falls.  Right now its available in the traditional ping pong paddle colors of black, green, blue, and red, but here’s hoping for some non traditional colors like neon peach, lavender, and baby poop brown.  Get yours now at the Incase webstore for a cool $29.95 and you’re guaranteed (more lies!) to become the next Forest Gump of ping pong.

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