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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Amble, Louis Vuitton’s First iPhone App

Amble, Louis Vuitton's first iPhone App

Amble, Louis Vuitton's first iPhone App

Louis Vuitton is no stranger to the luxury iPhone case game, producing plenty of damier printed goodies for the whole iPhone family.  But while they’ve done an admirable job of making your iPhone more stylish and protected, they haven’t really made it more useful…until now.  It’s taken a while but Louis Vuitton is finally throwing their hat into the iPhone app market.  But instead of throwing together some shoddily assembled promotional app, or simply letting you shop for Louis bags on your phone, they did one better and actually made something useful; Amble, an app that has been designed with the jet-setting, world weary traveler in mind.

Conceived as a digital travel diary, Amble not only seeks to facilitate travel but also to transform it into an enriching. personal experience (clearly it has some lofty goals).  It draws on inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s City Guides, providing you with the addresses of a myriad of places around the world and all the rest of the contents from the printed guide if you’re willing to shell out some more cash.  Amble can also use your iPhone’s GPS and fancy pants augmented reality (which is admittedly superior to both actual and virtual reality) to help you discover places in your immediate vicinity.

As you travel around, occasionally stopping in restaurants, hotels, malls, cultural areas, and other places where it’s cool to hobnob wit the snobs, you can use Amble to make your own travel guide.  Take a picture of a place, type in some notes about it, or even make a video for that extra bit of oomph.  If you really think the place is off the hook, you can easily share it with your friends via email, Twitter, or Facebook.  Or if you’re Facebook friends list isn’t sophisticated enough to enjoy the steak tar tar you just had, you can upload your travel information to Louis Vuitton’s website, where other Amblers just like you will be posting up their hot travel spots.

If your idea of a good time is plastering yourself on a couch and watching Dr. Phil marathons then this ain’t for you.  But if you like to explore the world around you and tell everyone about it feel free to download it from the iTunes app store for the low, low (and totally ironic) price of free.99.

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