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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Rebecca Taylor Fall 2011

My absolute favorite outfit of the line was the rose quartz top and cobalt pants, Left

Favorite outfit: the rose quartz top and cobalt pants, on left

The best way to describe Rebecca Taylor’s aesthetic would be to name it “Delicate Funk” – She always includes soft florals in an unexpected, edgy way. The pieces from her Fall 2011 fashion show are no exception. Taylor evoked a 70’s vibe with her maroon chiffon dresses and sheer ikat leopard trousers, and managed to present a well-organized collection that will certainly be in-trend for next fall.

The highs of the collection were constructed from Taylor’s signature floral patterns and fabrics, specifically, her bordeaux “autumn flower” silk pieces, her black “ghost flower” offerings, and her magenta silk chiffon dresses with embellished flowers. Many of the skirts were toughened up by the stellar dove grey hand-knit short-sleeved cable sweaters in the collection and a pair of knee-high boots (by Rebecca Taylor). These sweaters are quality pieces – well worth the high price tags – as they are timeless and thoroughly wearable. My absolute favorite look was the rose quartz hammered silk top with the cobalt cashmere pant – The colors together were unexpected, yet pleasing to the eye, especially when balanced with the emerald green deco-inspired necklaces from Thea Grant for Rebecca Taylor. To add an accessory like this to your look next fall (and if you can’t afford the Thea Grant baubles), try scoping the jewelry from Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow line or maybe even Rachael Zoe’s inventory for QVC.

Rebecca Taylor Fall 2011

Low points of the collection were made up of the patchwork items she constructed of re-purposed fabrics leftover from previous collections. Although the concept of recycling her past materials is an eco-friendly one, the pieces looked a little “crafted” – in a bad way. Maybe Taylor did this because it was a tough year for everyone (economically speaking), and she used the patchwork theme out of need rather than out of want. Whatever the reason, the patchwork frocks that DID succeed on the runway were those made of fewer than five different fabrics and were made of swatches in the same color family, as was seen with her patched flannel wrap skirts. Also, Taylor might want to re-think using Cutler to style the hair for her models next year. Although it may have taken a lot of effort and time backstage to sculpt the hair looks, you wouldn’t know it: I have achieved the same look by braiding my wet hair at night and then taking it out and brushing it the next morning. The curls looked crimped and started halfway down from the scalp – and the clothes in Rebecca Taylor’s line are a little too glamorous and beautiful for this type of uninspired hairstyle.

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