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M.A.C x Wonder Woman Pop Up Shop

MAC x Wonder Woman Pop Up Shop

When I heard about the M.A.C. x Wonder Woman collection I was ecstatic because I could not wait to get my hands on it.  As a life-long Wonder Woman fan this is by far my favorite of the M.A.C. collaborations.  So, when I went to NY for Fashion Week one of my stops was the M.A.C. x Wonder Woman Pop-Up Shop.

You could see the shop from a block away – the normally black facade was now a bright red.  Everything inside the shop screamed Wonder Woman and at the door you were greeted with a larger-than-life cardboard cut out of Princess Diana herself.  My favorite part of the display was the Wonder Woman comic books from the very first through to modern day comics.

I love seeing the evolution of Wonder Woman, but as a 1970s baby, I relate most to the Wonder Woman brought to life by Lynda Carter.  That’s why I automatically gravitated to the color palettes that brought to mind 1970s glamour.  You can check out my purchases on GDK Is The New Black.  The pop-up shop will be open until Mid-April so you still have time to check it out at 109 Prince Street in NYC.

You can view the entire collection on our previous post on the M.A.C x Wonder Woman collection.

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5 Responses to “M.A.C x Wonder Woman Pop Up Shop”

  1. Jenni T says:

    So jealous!! I would have loved to have seen this! Thank you so much for taking pics and sharing.

  2. jsica Jessica says:

    Wow, that pop-up shop looks amazing! Wish they held one in San Francisco! I went to the MAC Wonder Woman unveiling party at the MAC Pro store here in SF and it was fun. It was actually the same day we had our conference call and I told the other girls that I was in an awkward location as I was in a car during the conference, hehe. Glad you had fun!

  3. jan9 jan9 says:

    I love Wonder Woman!
    I grew up watching her.
    I bought two tubes of Themyscira right away.
    They went fast!! They were sold out within a few days.
    Spitfire and Russian Red lipsticks are also very pretty.

  4. Ashley P Ashley P says:

    This is so dope! I love this idea, when I head to New York this weekend I really want to check this out!


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