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Louis Vuitton for Valentine’s Day 2011

Louis Vuitton for Valentine's Day 2011 clutches, "Sprouce PM Coeur"

Sprouce PM Coeur, Louis Vuitton for Valentine's Day 2011

Feb 14th is a time for lovers, and the thoughtful people at Louis Vuitton decided to celebrate love once again by creating accessories made especially for cupid’s favorite holiday.

The prevalent theme of this collection is hearts and diamonds. The heart-shaped monogram canvas clutch adorned with a golden chain and  a satin interior is perfect to wear to a chic club as it is small enough to accompany you on the dance floor. These assortment of accessories show us that love does not strictly have to be a serious affair;  a perfect way to convey fun is to sport a purse with funky insides.

Although paying homage to Valentine’s day, these gems could be worn throughout the year. The “Monogram Canvas Insolite” wallet looks very professional on the outside while exuding  a party-central vibe on the inside, which is spruced up with a pink motif. Being turned inside out, wouldn’t be too pretty for humans, however purses enjoy that sort of thing! The “Sprouse Monogram Vernis Zippy” wallet is covered in the same funky pattern as the interior of the other purses albeit with a much shinier finish.

Louis Vuitton for Valentine’s Day also features scarves, shoes and hair bands in the monogram canvas. The only watch in the collection,  Tambour Heart, offered in two formats, is fashioned in a glossy bright red. Out of all the jewelry in the collection, Les Ardentes, a gorgeous flower-shaped diamond ring, is the stand-out piece in my opinion. Made of white gold, it definitely screams “I love you”; either that or “Money ain’t a thing”.

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3 Responses to “Louis Vuitton for Valentine’s Day 2011”

  1. Margaret says:

    i like those clutches so much! and the wallets!

  2. t says:

    Cute accessories. It is def. going on my must have list!

  3. Magdalene Ayuk Magda says:

    They are pretty gorgeous! I heart hearts and diamonds:)


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