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Levi’s Launches Supreme Curve Denim

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Levi’s® Curve ID— SUPREME CURVE. The jean is designed to sit lower in the front and higher in the back for coverage that truly enhances the shape of a curvy body.  If jeans fit in the hips but the waist is too low in the back, a woman should try the Supreme Curve.

Since Levi’s® Curve ID jeans were introduced in August 2010, over a million women have found their perfect fit. The line was created as a result of studying more than 60,000 body scans and listening to women around the world – from ultra curvy to stick straight and everything in between. Levi’s® Curve ID is available in their stores nationwide as well as . Retails $60-$80. Not a bad price point for those with curves. Trust me, I have a hard time finding jeans. I look forward to trying these because I’m in the market for a new pair and if they are supposed accentuate someone with curves, then I’m all for them.

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