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Hammocks and High Tea Spring 2011

Hammocks and High Tea

Hammocks and High Tea

Hammocks and High Tea introduces its Spring 2011 collection. This eco-friendly line is the brainchild of Karen Young who, inspired by her upbringing in South-America with all the multi-cultural influences that imply, creates home goods. From pillows to body products, nothing is left to the wayside. For Spring 2011, however, Young focuses on totes and dopp kits.

There is a story behind every product in this line. The Dopp kits are a homage to her uncles, whom she had watched in amazement as they took out their shaving tools from their worn leather dopp kits and sculpted their beards. The Masai dopp kit is fashioned in a blue pattern reminiscent of tribal headdresses and the Namad, with antique killim rugs in mind. Each and every kit has its own inspiration and are 9″ in width, 5″ in height and 4″ in depth. Therefore, many a beauty product could fit inside.

Hammocks and High Tea II

Hammocks and High Tea II

The totes, on the other hand, evoke memories of her grandmother carrying a tote bag on their morning trips to the market. These bags are available in the same patterns as the dopp kits, and are 14″ in width by 16″ in height.

To make a purchase and/or check out the products, visit the Hammocks and High Tea’s online shop or find a retailer near you.

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  1. Ash S Ash S says:

    I’ve been on the search for a great make-up bag! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Margaret says:

    looovvveee the prints!


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