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Fashion Meets Music: The Three Degrees

Banging in black

With so many 70s inspired styles hitting the racks this spring and walking down the runway for fall its only fitting that we pay homage to one of the Me Decade’s solid gold soul groups, The Three Degrees. This amazing Philly trio, who after several line up changes had a total of 12 women represent the group, was so full of 70s soul that they recorded the theme song for Soul Train.

The original Three Degrees were formed in 1963 in Philadelphia by Fayette Pinkney, Shirley Porter and Linda Turner. After a few line-up changes, Turner and Porter were replaced with Helen Scott and Janet Harmon, and a few less than noteworthy singles, the girls finally hit mainstream gold with their 1974 single “When Will I See You Again” earning the trio a gold record. The group went on to round out the 70s by recording two live albums, performing for Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace and appearing in The French Connection and on Sandford and Son. While disco began to die out to be replaced with heavy synth in the 80s, The Three Degrees continued to record and chart with singles like “The Heaven I Need”. After more line up changes and the death of original member Fayette Pinkney, The Three Degrees are still going strong today minus the disco hair and outfits.

Foxxy Cleopatra couldn't touch these fly mamas with a ten foot pole

Speaking of disco style, these ladies were 100% certified bad mamajamas. With the kinds of height you can only achieve from rollers and enough Aquanet to deplete the ozone layer and more sequins than you could count, these girls laid down a style blueprint that girl groups today still follow. They were sexy and risqué without crossing too far into sloresville and they made hot pants and slits up to there look classy. Honestly after looking these ladies up I’m ready to slip into a killer pair of platforms, tell my hair dresser to pump up the volume and set my personal soundtrack to “Brick House”, or not. I do know that whether you pick up on the 70s vibes following through the collections things spring or not, The Three Degrees definitely deserve your sartorial attention.

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  1. StyleStruck StyleStruck says:

    good music, good style, good times!
    we need more of this, asap! :]


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