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Ears to the Street: The Questionable (Sheer) Skirt

(left-right) Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely; Sheer skirts from UO; a partygoer in LA

I’ll admit it: I’m more of a pants girl. Growing up, I always leaned more towards the tomboy side of the spectrum, and now I’m a huge fans of menswear and androgynous styling. Don’t get me wrong, I can still appreciate a well-constructed skirt when I see one, and lately I’ve made more of an effort to add more fun, feminine pieces to my wardrobe.

But enough about me. Let’s discuss a trend that’s about to explode: the sheer skirt. Seeing as it’s still cold, this trend has remained at bay – but it’s only a matter of time until the snow melts (at least on the East Coast) and these see-through babies are a dime a dozen on city streets. California-based blogger Rumi Neely of fashion toast rocked a sheer bottom while at New York Fashion Week, as did a partygoer on the opposite coast at a recent Refinery 29 event in L.A.

So what’s your take on the sheer skirt? Do you think it will go the way of the infamous Ugg? (Read: niche trend becomes mainstream trend becomes renounced by the fashion world.) If you’re ballsy enough to rock this, some items to keep in mind: this item is best kept for the weekend. Even if you work in a super-casual, laid back office, chances are your boss doesn’t want to be able to see your undergarments. And have fun! Chances are, if you’ve incorporated a piece like this into your wardrobe, you already dress fun and playfully – with a bit of an edge. Don’t be afraid to add an edgy accessory or pair with a quirky pair of shoes.

Not sure where you can purchase a sheer skirt? Try fashion-forward retailer Urban Outfitters – they’ve got great options, under $100! Check out Sparkle & Fade‘s version or Cheap Monday‘s take on the trend!

Images via Refinery 29, Fashion Toast, Urban Outfitters

Graphics: Feesh

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2 Responses to “Ears to the Street: The Questionable (Sheer) Skirt”

  1. LiaDelFresco LiaDelFresco says:

    personally, i want one. making people double take or turn their heads in discomfort makes my heart do the tootsie roll. i cant wait to buy one of these babies!

  2. C_Rocka C_Rocka says:

    I’m actually planning on hitting the fabric store and getting some chiffon to make a classy sheer skirt. I think if the piece is done right, styled right, etc it will rock!

    I don’t think it will become like uggh’s it will have it’s place and die out until years in the future when someone brings it back.

    Now would you rock one that showed EVERYTHING underneath or one that covers your bootay just enough?


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