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Ears to the Street: Is flat the new heel?

The hottest shape this spring is ... flat?

Clockwise from top left: on the runway at Derek Lam; TENOVERSIX flatform; 3.1 Philip Lim; Topshop's WYNN; Fendi's Platform Sandal

For years, us ladies have agonized over the pain and beauty of wearing heels. Donning stilettos is undoubtedly a double-edged sword – you stand up straighter, exuding sex appeal – but after roughly 20 minutes of frolicking in those five inchers your feet feel less than stellar. Some of us have found refuge in a good pair of platforms and/or wedges, but generally, we’re inclined to keep an armory of band aids and blister pads in our makeup cases and on our bathroom shelves for the injuries we expect to incur at the cost of looking fabulous.

It seems, though, that a new shoe silhouette is on the horizon and primed to take the fashion world by storm this spring. “Flatforms” were all the rage on the Spring 2011 runway – characterized by a platform that is in fact… flat! Yes, this oddly-shaped footwear is set to become the next big thing. Sexy? Strange? Maybe a little bit of both? Either way, it’s something we can’t ignore as the snow starts to melt and we come out of hibernation for some retail therapy.

So let’s discuss where you can purchase said shoes. Luckily, options are anything but limited! If you’re in the mood of a bit of height, Fendi has a sky-high version that’s sure wet your style palate. No matter what the budget, there’s a multitude of choices on the marketplace for those of us intrigued by this shoe – just peep Fashionologie for a few ideas, or check out Topshop’s WYNN – a go-with-everything pair.

What’s your take on this about-to-be trend? Is it something you would rock? And more importantly, are you willing to set aside your beloved (yet hated) stilettos and wedges for these newbies?

Images via Fashionologie, Glamour, HighSnobette

Graphic layout: Feesh

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6 Responses to “Ears to the Street: Is flat the new heel?”

  1. Sha! says:

    I am loving the TENOVERSIX flatforms! (are they really called flatforms?)
    I’m not a tall chick at all, and I love wearing heels because I feel empowered in a sense haha

    I don’t know if they’re the ‘new heel’ but I can definitely tell you that they’re the most comfortable type of shoe – in all senses – there’s comfort in knowing that I can be taller and still be stylish with out worrying about breaking a neck 😉

    What ‘flatforms’ are you girls digging???

  2. Yanna Beau says:

    I am so torn on these! I feel like, while at 5’1 i almost live in heels, these things are going to just put my short stumpy legs at eye level! They don’t create that great line in your leg that a tilted heel does. Kinda looks like a set up to me, the fashion industry putting things on a body type almost no one has!

  3. Ash S Ash S says:

    The designs are intriguing but I don’t think I’m ready to give up my wedges and pumps just yet!

  4. I like the flat-ish Cork-Ease ones…oh yeah comfort and 70’s cuteness.

  5. Miss.Summer Miss.Summer says:

    Anything that boosts my height is good with me- I’m 4’11.

  6. Mayette May says:

    I could not agree more with Miss.Summer. I’m a short gal and anything that can make me at least 5′ with comfort in mind is fine with me. I’m not so sure about the first one pictured. It’s too flat for my liking, whereas all the others have a slight tilt to them much like a heel.

    The TENOVERSIX & Topshop’s WYNN caught my eye.


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