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Distinguished Cravat: “Our History” 2011 Collection

Distinguished Cravat: "Our History" 2011 Collection

Distinguished Cravat: "Our History" 2011 Collection

With the release of the “Our History” Collection, Kate Ross of Distinguished Cravat is looking for everyone to embrace Black History as a significant piece of American History.  By incorporating figures that have greatly contributed to the African American race and society as a whole, Kate Ross has crafted beautiful, elegant, and chic cravats (modern tailored bow ties) that include striking patterns, signature designs and classic material. With this current collection, the Distinguished Cravat brand is continuing to prove that ties are no longer a look reserved just for men. As the neck tie is often associated with power, professionalism, and authority, we here at M.I.S.S. know that women can embody all of these characteristics and so many more!

"Our History" 2011 Collection

"Our History" 2011 Collection

It’s very rare that we see a brand put as much passion, intellect, and skill into a collection as Distinguished Cravat has done with this one.  With each cravat’s name inspired by a piece of literature written by a African American scholar, the second year of the “Our History” collection not only pays homage to great thinkers of the past but it also presents itself with a timeless and classic look. The “Black Bourgeoisie“, named after an exposition written by E. Franklin Frazier in 1957, is a grey & black, wool tie that incorporates a leather strap. The “From Slavery to Freedom” cravat which was inspired by a John Hope Franklin piece is black corduroy & bolo braided leather. My favorite piece from the collection, “Talented Tenth“, is a black & creme houndstooth that is perfect for the office or even a night out on the town.  The brand shows versatility with the “Madame Metropolis“, which can be worn as a  hair accessory.  All of the pieces from the “Our History” collection are nothing short of amazing!  They’re modern, trendy, and classic.  The Distinguished Cravat brand is giving consumers the chance to wear a little piece of history while going out into the world and showing it that you mean business!

Kate Ross and Model Rocking the "Talented Tenth" Cravat!

Kate Ross and Model Rocking the "Talented Tenth" Cravat!

Photography by Keith Selby

The “Our History” collection is available now at Distinguished Cravat.

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2 Responses to “Distinguished Cravat: “Our History” 2011 Collection”

  1. NappyStyle says:

    Love it! Love it! I was sitting here thinking about how I was going to celebrate Black History Month when I came across your post. This is definetly a good way to start. So many of us youngsters believe that we have arrived, not understanding how far we have come and how far we have to go. I hope people will never ever forget the groundwork that was laid, that is still being laid, and that which needs to be laid for the future.

  2. Val this was beyond words can that can express greatness. I was moved by the history. I will be sure to pick one up and follow suit. This was a great one..I think I fell in love with a new post!! My fav one to date.


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