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Dear Summer: Twitter and The New PDA

DearSummer: Twitter and The New PDA

Public displays of affection typically make me cringe. I remember standing in line at the movies, next to a man who began to caress the waist of his wife/girlfriend/mistress- whatever. As his fingers inched toward the inside of her jeans, I looked away in utter disgust. I don’t know if it was the creepy, circular motions of his hand, or the fact that said wife/girlfriend/mistress began to sigh with a low key orgasmic undertone. Whatever it was, I decided from then on, THAT would never be ME. To this day, I still have issues with even holding hands in public. No thanks to the age of information and the social networking sensation known as Twitter, my objection toward PDA took a strange twist.

“Did you see he tweeted me?!!” Asked a girlfriend one day in sheer delight. To which I replied, “NOPE”, and quickly changed the subject. The thing with me and Twitter is that I try to use it for its real purpose: Promoting business. Promoting MY BUSINESS is a whole other story. While a a song lyric, mundane daily activity, or inspirational quote will occasionally find its way onto my timeline, for the most part, my private life stays private. I don’t follow my boyfriend and he doesn’t follow me. Not that we have anything to hide, but it’s just not in our makeup to be concerned with every minute detail of each others’ lives. The arrangement seemed to be going as planned until the day I noticed that my favorite follow-ee (a well respected photographer, notoriously known for capturing Los Angeles street life AND the last person I’d expect to be a romantic), had sent a heartfelt birthday tweet to his wife. After that, I started noticing other male public figures tweet affectionate messages to their wives and girlfriends. Something inside me bloomed… and then boiled. Why didn’t MY boyfriend follow me? Why didn’t I get romantic validation on a public platform? Was he embarrassed by me? If so-and-so gets it, why didn’t HE?? Whatever it was, my firm stand against PDA became clouded by a sudden emotional upset and my feelings got hurt.

Sure it’s JUST TWITTER, but think about it. How many of you get upset if your significant other’s Facebook page doesn’t include that stupid little heart with your name by it? When it comes to relationships, not seeing an @ reply or friend request from someone you love, someone YOU LIVE WITH, is just another thing to obsess over. Either you follow each other and make complete idiots out of yourselves ( “At the mall with my boo @so-and-so”- when in real life, you’re on the rocks), OR you tweet privately and remain butthurt. Which side really wins?

Guys if you’re reading, Twitter has become the new PDA. As corny as you might find it, women (and people in general) require acknowledgment and validation. It’s not about being needy, it’s a fact of life. Regardless of all the obsessing and possible fallout, we loved to be recognized. Friend her on Facebook. Tweet her thoughtful messages on her birthday and Valentine’s Day and every day in between. Fess up to the fact that yes, you are taken and yes, you want the world to know. Get your hands out of her pants and onto her timeline!  After all, nothing says “I love you babe” quite like an @ reply.

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2 Responses to “Dear Summer: Twitter and The New PDA”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    I’m not into the old fashioned PDA and I’m also not into the digital kind. I like to keep things personal. I guess it all comes down to personal preference and talking about what you need with your partner is the best way to get it.

  2. Miss.Summer Miss.Summer says:

    That reminds me of what the great Carrie Bradshaw once said: “That’s the thing about needs. Sometimes when you get them met, you don’t need them anymore.”


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