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Pirate Romance S/S 11

Pirate Romance S/S 11

Pirate Romance S/S 11

Pirate Romance would like to introduce you to its Spring/Summer 2011 collection. This contemporary jewelry line, which took of in February 2010, features pieces inspired by geometry, color, Marilyn Monroe and the artistry of Andy Warhol. The collection is reminiscent of the movie Termanator with a feminine twist; sort of like the embodiment of thoughts such as: “doomsday is quickly approaching, but we must not neglect our swagger.”

From the bracelets to the earrings and everything in between, each is intricately designed and eye-catching. Both street wear and luxury, I can easily see these gems donned with a pair of sneakers or with a dress…maybe even both at once.  Joi French, whose personal style is equally as innovative and intriguing, is the designer behind this line that quite evidently makes a statement. Whether it be “I love fashion” to “I have great taste”, Pirate Romance conveys the essence of art.

To peruse the  line and possibly purchase a thing or two, visit the PirateRomance online shop

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  1. Joi French says:

    Thank you for the write up! xoxo!


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