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Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2011 Part 2

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Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2011 Part I

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Lila Robles
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Nails Did: Minx Money Professional

Nails Did: Minx Money Professional

My minx manicure says about me….

Look like money without having money. With minx nail coverings I can get that money on nail effect without damaging the pockets or my nails. So I thought yes! I don’t have to use real money and I can keep it hood but not too hood look on my nails. What I’ve always been wanting, and literally all the salons in my area will not do this design because they say its illegal. I’m not sure if that’s the case but I’ve asked, I’ve tried, And I’ve failed. Minx money is a great alternative than having to cut out dollars bills and putting tons of clear coat over to try to make it stay when I can do it all in one step with minx. I tried the manicure out and made minx happen.

-snaps fingers-

The manicure was fast and not messy at all. One of the perks of using minx is not having to use harsh chemicals like acetone on your natural nails. It usually lasts up to 2 weeks but be careful of puckering edges I would use a blow dryer at home to smooth them out. And while minx is not for the shy they do have other colors that best suit your attitude for the day.

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Ron Simms Jr.
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Ask M.I.S.S.ter Simms

ask misster simms

Me and my partner have been dating for the past seven-ish years, and I think I’m at the point where I want to tie the knot and really start making a life together..  Do you think I should continue waiting for my significant other to pop the question?  Or should we sit down together, have a discussion, and come to a mutual agreement as to whether marriage is or isn’t a good idea at this time?

There are few things more nerve wracking in life than popping the question.  Popping zits?  Potentially painful, but pretty easy.  Popping bottles?  Rappers and dudes in the strip club seem to do it all the time with relative ease.  Popping the trunk or hood on your car?  Definitely not what I’d consider nerve wracking.  You only push one button.  How much easier could it get?

But popping the question? Wooooo lawdy.  First you have to think of when you’re doing to do it.  Then you’ve got to think of where.  Do I propose at our favorite restaurant?  Should I do it at the place we first met?  Maybe the sewage treatment plant down the street?  After you’ve figured all that out, your next move is to figure out how to do it.  Getting down on one knee is so passe these days with people expressing their love on billboards, Jumbotrons, or through fake movie trailers.  And once you’ve finally got all that together, there’s the whole actually asking the question business, the most stressful of all.  Sure it seems like 99% of the time people say yes…but what happens if you get a no?  Oh I dunno….a mental breakdown and a one way ticket to the land padded rooms and white coats?

My point is, if you yourself are thinking about marrying this person and they haven’t popped the question yet, then yes you should bring it up with them.  Personally I think it’s absurd that in this age of supposed independent ladies that people still cling to traditional roles like their lives depended on it.  Your partner might be too scared to pop the question.  They might not even feel like the timing is right for whatever reason (financially, not THAT into you, whatever).  But all these things can be found out with one simple conversation, and hopefully you’ll be able to figure out what both of you want.  And if marriage is it, then hooray!  No more waiting around wondering if there’s an engagement ring planted in your drink whenever you go out to restaurants.

Need some advice?  Keep sending your questions to and check back every Friday for the latest installment of Ask M.I.S.S.ter Simms.

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CA 2/5: Ladies Love

Ladies Love

ONTARIO, CA January 26, 2011 — On February 5, SISTERS ACT presents LADIES LOVE, a night to celebrate creative styles in fashion, music and art at Toro Sushi from 9-2am. Bringing together some of the IE and SD’s most creative female artists and designers to the same hyped dance nightlife party over at Toro.

Spend your Saturday at LADIES LOVE – Guests will be able to enjoy an art display by Karina Jaramillo, complimentary treats by My Delight Cupcakery, hand-painted nail art sessions by Mint Collection and Pattycakes. At 9:00PM, the start of a fashion show featuring the works of Gabriela Urizar, Genevieve, and Saucie Garments will take place for everyone to enjoy. An artist pop up shop will also be open all night featuring your favored goods from Sistargirl, Gabriela Urizar, Saucie Garments, Mint Collection and Vintage Renewals. So please bring cash, a positive attitude, and dancing shoes, cuz it’s about to go down!

We are calling out the fellas that can keep up with these ladies! Where ya at?!

For guestlist information(
Drink specials will be available until 11PM.
Dress code is strictly enforced (be fashionable and clean, no gang or sports attire allowed)
Artlist Links:
Sistargirl –
Gabriela Urizar –
Saucie Garments –
Mint Collection –
Vintage Renewals –

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