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Nails Did: Scotch Naturals

scotch naturals nail polish

I love getting my nails did and when I don’t go all out and manicure them with comic book prints, I like to simply paint them with bright reds, pastel pinks or royal blues! My only downfall when using paint polish is that I’m prone to migraine headaches (bad ones), and since nail polish and polish remover are chock-full of chemicals (Formaldehyde and noxious fumes, to mention a couple)…my head is not my biggest fan. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out about Scotch Naturals, a company that specializes in Eco-friendly and non-toxic personal care products and cosmetics. And in this case, they’re the only company who makes the only water-based and non-toxic nail polish.

I won’t lie, I am not the biggest fan of Eco-friendly products (sorry!!) but, when done right (in this case), I love doing my part in keepin’ it green! What’s cool is that they also have a line for kids called, Hopscotch Kids (how fun is that?!) along with nail polish remover (soy-based), nail rehab conditioner and a slew of pretty colors to choose from. It also helps that the packaging is inspired by a ‘fine bottle of scotch’.

Taking a look at their website I can’t help but want to purchase their Cocktail Trio, 3 nail polishes, a polish remover and a buffer for under $50? Where do I sign, please?  Umm and if that wasn’t enough with names like,”Tartan Swizzle” (bright magenta), “Loch Ness Mystery” (paradise blue), and “Highland Mist” (pearl white), it’s actually really hard to resist. I don’t know about you but this salon quality, non-cancer-causing product has just been added to my list of favorite beauty buys!

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