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My Latest Obsession: Catching up on Magazines

My Latest Obsession: Catching up on Magazines

My Latest Obsession: Catching up on Magazines

Before my uber-cleaning and organizational skills go into hibernation for the winter, I’m spending some quality time with the stack of magazines that has grown into something of a fort over the last few months. I’m not really sure how it happens, but every September, a stack seems to grow by my bed. I’m a voracious reader. I’m reading all the time, and I’m very lucky to have the time to do it, since my commute to and from work every day is at least 45 minutes each way. I’ve got subscriptions to Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, NYLON, Allure, Lucky and Marie Claire (that’s just on the fashion front) and I’m usually reading at least three different books at a time. With all this reading going on, it’s pretty ridiculous that such a stack appears on my bedroom floor at the end of the year, but it gives me something to do on a rainy day, or when I’m sick (which happened earlier this week).

Here’s some helpful/interesting tips that I found in the many pages that I perused this weekend. I hope they’ll be of use to you!

  • Allure interiewed Jemma Kidd in their September 2010 issue, and asked her for tips on how to look good after a workout. I was really interested in this, as I workout during my lunch hour at work during the week, and hate going back to work looking like I just ran 4 miles. Kidd recommends pulling your hair into a loose braid and twisting it into a bun before your workout. Leave it up during the shower, then remove after for some natural, loose waves with great texture. I’ve tried this, and it really does work. My personal addition is to use Elnett hairspray to lock in the waves and say goodbye to gym hair!
  • Allure’s September 2010 issue also provided some insight into how to roll your pants. The last time I did this was in junior high, and it was called pegging. Thankfully, that’s not what this roll is all about. Admittedly, most of my jeans are currently skinny fit or jeggings, but I do have a couple of boyfriend jeans that I love for their loose and comfy fit. The key is to have a pant with some volume in the leg, should fit low on the waist and be worn with a heel. Roll the pants to just above the ankle bone and the cuff should be about an inch and a half wide. The rest of the look should be “effortless.” Wear a blazer or a loose shirt and strut your stuff!
  • Sometimes, the content in magazines isn’t always enough for inspiration, but a specific writer is. This happened to me when I was reading the November 2010 issue of Marie Claire. I was reading Ariel Leve’s article entitled “The Firm,” which was all about the different antiaging products on the market. Calling herself the “last woman in Manhattan without a cosmetic doctor on speed dial” and a “virgin to antiaging serums, peptides and creams,” I was immediately drawn to her voice and witty insights into her journey to find the perfect antiaging solution. I read her bio after the article and discovered that she had a book published earlier this year entitled, It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Me. Guess what’s now sitting in my to-be-read pile?
  • I look forward to Vogue’s September Issue every year. It’s an event. There doesn’t even have to be any writing in the magazine. I could sit and look at the photography in the ads for days and days and not care that I didn’t have anything to read. I loved the dark fuchsia/plum lips in the Dior and Dolce & Gabana ads and I thought the Neiman Marcus “The Art of Fashion” campaign was stunning. From an editorial standpoint, I loved Lynn Yaeger’s piece called “Bird of Prey” where she detailed her obsessive search for clothing. I’ve done this too (although not to the degree that Yaeger does), but I have been known to stalk clothing before I finally purchase, and taking mental notes on the likelihood of the item I just can’t live without can wait until sales time. Yaeger and I both agree that if you get an item home and you experience buyers remorse for any reason, make sure you can take it back. Like her, I almost exclusively shop at places where I can do this. It’s so nice to know that I am not alone in this obsession…I mean art.
  • NYLON’s November 2010 issue had me green with envy for the writers who were lucky enough to travel across America, covering the “coolest” cities to discover exciting music, art, culture, clothing and music. Honestly, this would be my dream job. How do I make this happen? I gave myself a high five for either visiting or knowing about 90% of the places they featured on their trip to SF. I love reading NYLON because it reminds me not to take fashion so seriously and have fun with it. Yes, I have some label pieces in my closet, but I’m also just as comfortable (probably more so) layering on a tee, sweater, scarf, leggings/jeggings/jeans and some funky shoes. I’ve had more luck expanding my personal sense of style reading the pages of NYLON than any other magazine I currently read. Although there is that side of me that wants to look like I just walked out of the pages of Vogue.

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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  1. StyleStruck StyleStruck says:

    I love Nylon Mag!! We should compare the stacks of mags on our floors, it’s taken up so much room…I need to house them all. ;]


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