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MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman Collection!

wonder woman mac collection

If you know me, then you know my love of Wonder Woman.  I’ll spare you the details about how I would run around in my Wonder Woman bathing suit and not want to take it off – ever.  But, when I read about MAC’s upcoming Wonder Woman collection, I almost jumped up and starting spinning – you know, like Wonder Woman does!

Everything about the collection is super-sized because of the super hero inspiration. James Gager, creative director of MAC stated: “Since Wonder Woman has this amazing strength, we decided that the products in the collection should be larger than anything we do; from the size of the compacts to the jumbo blush.” The collection includes jumbo Lipglasses, large blush duos and metallic utility belt. The packaging has a 1970s look to it – probably taking cues from the era that took Wonder Woman from the comics to the television screen and Lynda Carter’s gorgeous bronzed face. Jennifer Balbier explained: “The cosmetics, for the most part, bring to mind an early Seventies look — a very nude contoured face with a hint of Pop-Art color.”

lynda carter wonder woman

The Wonder Woman collection features new colors as well as classic colors…

Compacts and cases are done in the character’s signature royal blue, fire-engine red and taxi-cab yellow with an eye-popping Wonder Woman logo. The eye shadow lineup includes iridescent white, pink and bright silver shades, as well as dark forest green, olive-bronze and lime with yellow frost; mascaras are done in shades of purple, green and blue in addition to black, and nail polishes are available in bright red and navy blue.

wonder woman

The Wonder Woman Collection is set to launch in the spring and to commemorate the event, MAC is opening up a pop-up-shop at 109 Prince Street from February 3 – mid-April. The “face” of the campaign will be an illustrated one. Rather than finding a model to star in the campaign, MAC turned to Wonder Woman’s roots in the comics and “worked with an illustrator to develop a comic exclusively for the displayers and visuals.”

Source: WWD

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