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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Medicom Toy x Radius iPhone Cases

Smarter than the average Bearbrick

Smarter than the average Bearbrick

Japan’s Medicom Toy is pretty well known for their various Nike SB and toy collaborations.  Now they’re branching out into the world of technology, first with a Bearbrick speaker system and now with this collaborative iPhone 4/iPod Touch case.  iPhone cases are a dime a dozen these days (have been for years, I suppose), but this one differentiates itself from all the others by featuring Bearbrick all over print in a wide range of colors.   Other than that, they do what iPhone and iPod cases tend to do best: protect your expensive crap from accidental (or on purpose) falls while making you feel like your iPhone is different from the bajillions of other ones out there.  They’re available now at Japan’s Zozotown online shopping resort.

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