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M.I.S.S. Muses: Accomplished

MISS MUSES Accomplished

‘Tis the season of new year’s resolutions. Gym membership sign ups spike, diets begin, shortcomings are reviewed, and vows are made to make this year better. It’s great to look forward and set goals for what we want to accomplish, but instead of focusing on what’s not here, consider focusing on building on top of what we have already achieved.

I am not always confident and often jump to beating myself up and wanting to fix something “wrong” over here. But in taking time to figure out my 2011 resolution and my plan for the year ahead, I was lucky enough to drift into thought about all 2010 held for me. It was not by any means perfect or always pretty. There were a lot of trip ups, disappointments, sadness, and mistakes. But even so, it held greatness. 2010 may not go into my personal hall of fame, but it did have shining moments, breakthroughs, happiness, and growth. As I plot what I want in my next steps, I can look forward with confidence because there are steps behind me I can build on. Even my smallest accomplishments will always be a part of the foundation of what’s next.

Too often we look ahead to plan how to make up for current shortcomings. We’re constantly trying to fix something. What if it’s not broken? What if all the highs and lows, the pros and cons, the good and the bad are exactly as they need to be in creating the recipe of you? I don’t know for sure, but I do know taking a look from here is far more empowering than many other views. Be empowered and be proud of your accomplishments.

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Muses: Accomplished”

  1. StyleStruck StyleStruck says:

    This is true, sometimes we need to just rest and reflect a little.
    Maybe sometimes our resolution needs to be to just be thankful and just be. Ha!
    Good post!

  2. Yasmin, I like that you added being thankful! Great point. :)


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