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M.I.S.S. In The Mix: MIA “Vicki Leekx”


MIA "Vicki Leekx" Mixtape

MIA rung in 2011 married with a beautiful baby boy and new music to share with the world! At 12:00AM, January 1st MIA released a new mixtape “VicKi Leekx.” This newest mixtape offers new music from MIA with production by Danjahands, Munich, So Japan, rusko and of course Diplo and Blaqstarr. To deliver the mixtape MIA launched a one page site www.vickileekx.com, obviously a play on Wikileaks made more clear with the opening line, “We chose the right format, we leak the information to the public, and we protect ourselves again inevitable legal and political attacks.


Click "Download" to visit the Vicki Leekx website and get the mixtape for yourself!

The mixtape includes some remixes of songs off the most recent album /\/\/\Y/\, however the majority of the music is all new. A few of the song’s lyrics speak to more serious topics like poverty, big brother and child soldiers. While others deal with very serious issues like internet-famous-phony-blogger-chicks and humping. It’s a very well balanced 36 minutes of high energy production and dub beats.

MIA blasted out the URL to the site via her twitter account (@_M_I_A_) and from there it spread like wild fire. You can download the track from the site, but you are asked to give up your email address but is free to own. In MIA’s words from her song Illy Girl “I’m not talking about getting it for free, I’m talking about making it freeer.” See the complete track listing below and enjoy the stream from the Vicki Leekx  player.


Track Listing

01 The World
02 Bamboo Go
03 Illy Girl
04 Super Tight
05 Let Me Hump You
07 Steppin/Up
08 Go At It
09 Vicki – Intermission
10 Gen-N-E-Y
11 Bad Girls
12 Dutch Dutch
13 Marsha/Brittney
14 Tamil Beat Munchi
15 Listen Up
16 Mudersounds Munchi
17 Overdrive
18 You My Love Featuring Rosaly
19 Get Around

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