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Let’s Get Purse-onal: Bare Essentials for the Minimalist

When it comes to winter, I turn to my pretty quilted black & neon- colored Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Tate tote bag. It’s the essential bag for packing all my necessities.

In this pretty bag of mine, I like to carry all my essentials like ( my several pens, my black leather moleskine, newspaper, Ipod, Blackberry, and hand sanitizers) within one of its inner compartment. I always feel like I’m ready to take on the day with this tote bag, packed with all my essentials- it is everything I need when I’m running around the town doing errands.

Within my other compartments, I store my makeup which consist of: 1 Burt Bee’s Lip Stain, 1 Luxurious Lip Balm from Hendri Bendel’s, 1 Smashbox Dual Lipgloss ( nude colored gloss on one side and a dark brown gloss on the other side), and my all time favorite makeup duos: Tarte Dual Eyeshadow (that comes in this gorgeous smoky black/ tannish brown).

All in all, the bare essentials for the minimalist in me.

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