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Heat on their Feet: Mark Wahlberg & Cool Grey Spiz’ikes

Mark Wahlberg in a pair of Jordans?!?! Say what?!?

Mark Wahlberg in a pair of Jordans?!?! Say what?!?

Well, look who abandoned baggy jeans and a backwards cap for some dope sneakers! Mark Wahlberg is far beyond his days as a new kid. He’s now an older guy, but still keeping it funky. Get it? Jordans have always been a staple shoe in the sneaker world and this image confirms the longevity of the brand. Not only am I surprised to see Marky Mark in a pair of Spiz’ikes, but I am also shocked to see them in such great condition. The cool grey colorway was released back in 2008.

Just a quick rundown on the Spiz’ikes:

Jordan connoisseur Spike Lee had is hand in the design of the sneaker. Duh. The name makes that fairly obvious. It was initially nicknamed the ‘retro Frankenstein’ because of it being a mixture of 6 retro Jordan designs. Imagine an orgy including the retro III, IV, V, VI, IX, and XX. You may be wondering why these specific shoes were chosen to get it on and make a love child. Basically, Spike was the face of the commercials and ads for the aforementioned models. Tah dah!

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One Response to “Heat on their Feet: Mark Wahlberg & Cool Grey Spiz’ikes”

  1. Margaret says:

    markymark could get it wearing kitchenaid slippers!


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