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Fashion Meets Music: Run DMC



With two turntables, microphones, and a few pairs of shell toe Adidas, Run DMC completely revolutionized hip-hop. From the pared down beats and fully embracing 1980s street style to taking real hip-hop mainstream, Run DMC were pioneers in the new school, which is old school now, of a fledgling genre still trying to find its place on the charts.

Keeping it fly with the Kangol bucket hats and as usual the Adidas logo on the tracksuit.

Keeping it fly with the Kangol bucket hats and as usual the Adidas logo on the tracksuit.

Skipping the history lesson, if you don’t know who Run DMC and Jam Master Jay are I can’t help you, lets get down to the real reason we are here, the fashion. The iconic Adidas tracksuits, fedoras, and laceless shell toe Adidas sneaker are practically synonymous with Run DMC, so much so that if you wore all of those things together on Halloween everyone would know exactly who you were dressed up as. While the Rev, DMC, and Jam Master Jay were far from the first b-boys to rock fat gold chains with their tracksuits and puff jackets, their ability to take this subculture’s style and elevate it to the level of full on trend not only popularized a look but eventually an entire culture. As a wee child in the late 80s/early 90s, even I was taken in by the Run DMC look not once but twice-remember when shell toe Adidas came back for a slit second in like 2001/2002-I even wanted to be a full on b-girl complete with a piece of cardboard to break on. Although LL Cool J may have rocked the same look, Run DMC made iconic, they even had their own line with Adidas looooong before rappers had clothing lines and endorsement deals.

At the end of the day, all of us can say that we were inspired in some way by Run DMC, even if it was via Rev Run’s twitter feed. So next time you’re listening to some classic hip-hop and feel the urge to grab a gold rope chain and roam all over coliseum floors, throw on your fedora and get it popping. You know sometimes its like that and that’s the way it is.

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