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DJ Amy Phamous says: Start A Riot, Girrrlz


Start A Riot, Girrrlz jolts off with an all time classic, Le Tigre – Decepticon, if you are opening with that you’ve got my attention full on and hard as fuck.  LA DJ Amy Phamous has definitely  put her two cents in for our listening pleasure with her mixtape forHellz Bellz. With a track listing of: Sleigh Bells, LadyTron, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Seattle’s own Sleater Kinney, Santigold, ESG and Yoko Ono you know you are in for a ride. I know for myself that this will be on heavy rotation for a long, long time. With almost 2 hours of Riot Grrrl goodness I’m ready for the world!

Download mixtape here!

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2 Responses to “DJ Amy Phamous says: Start A Riot, Girrrlz”

  1. mosi says:

    u very nice

  2. This mixtape is damn good! It has been on constant replay!!!


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