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Dear Summer: Are You A Snoop?

Dear Summer 01.07.11

We all remember “The Freak Show” episode of Sex and The City: Carrie meets charming journalist, Ben, and after a fruitless attempt to uncover his “freaky” side-  she decides to secretly pillage through his belongings the morning after their first sleepover. Upon his unexpected return, Ben finds Carrie standing on his bed trying to crack open a questionable box (which in the end contained nothing more than Ben’s Cub Scout badge collection). She scares him off and Carrie never sees Ben again. Sound familiar? Maybe because 9 times out of 10, we’re faced with similar situations, where we have to decide… should we snoop? Sure it’s an invasion of privacy, sure it’s wrong, so why is snooping so damn alluring? In my own affairs, I’ve pretty much snooped through ALL of my boyfriends’ things, in which I’ve found subpoenas, porn collections, pictures of ex’s… typical, harmless stuff. ALL of my boyfriends, until my current, and I have no clue what sets him apart. Maybe because I’m jaded to the point of ambivalence, maybe because I respect him the tiniest bit more than the others (sorry guys), or MAYBE because I’m actually afraid of what I might find. Two of my close girlfriends have unveiled their partners’ extra curricular activities through snooping. Yes, I am downright scared.

Temptation inevitably reared its ugly head awhile back, when a mysterious duffle bag was dropped off in my living room. I didn’t think much of it at first, I already assumed what relics lurked inside. After showing me a few prom pictures and a yearbook or two, my boyfriend zipped up the bag and nothing else was put on display. But like clockwork, my mind started to drift off: What else is in there? Love letters? A paternity suit? A severed head? The next day while alone, I stared at the bag for what seemed like an hour. I zipped and unzipped the bag until my neurosis forced me outside to jog away its fabricated contents. I left it alone. It’s the right thing to do after all. Would I want someone invading MY privacy?

Social network snoops listen up! Unless you’re willing to give up your passwords to Twitter, Facebook, or whichever networking site has your attention at the moment, don’t be ridiculous and demand his. What exactly are you hoping to find? Same goes for his cell phone. If you’re looking for something suspicious, your mind will start conjuring up worst case scenarios and just about anything will seem incriminating. Then what?

If you decide to snoop on a lover, be cautious. Be mentally prepared to deal with whatever or WHOEVER you may find… a cheater, a deadbeat dad, a closeted gay perhaps? Most important, be aware of when they’ll come home, you don’t want to get caught like Carrie do you? Everyone has a PAST. Can you get over it? I did… I think.

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One Response to “Dear Summer: Are You A Snoop?”

  1. artiffact artiffact says:

    Did you hear about the husband who is facing criminal charges for snooping in his wife’s email? He could go to jail for uncovering an affair!


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