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Contest: FemaleSneakerFiend’s PINK Sneaker Contest!

FSF - PINK Sneaker Contest

LADIES! It’s time for another contest!This one is a little different though. I am sure you’re all well aware of the recent uproar the color pink and female branding have made in the sneaker industry. Quite frankly pink happens to be the least displayed color in my closet, err-room to be exact! I think the amount of pink Post-it notes supersedes the amount of clothing, shoes and accessories I currently own. But somehow rappers, designers, and labels in general, have it in their creative minds that we females relate to the color pink. Right, and ignorance is bliss! I will admit, not all pink is bad. Some collaborations have turned up pretty cute actually, if not fabulous…think white and pink LA Gears, yes from back in the day. But the marketing notion used to target a specific gender of peoples (females) by using a certain color (PINK!) is to put it simply, offensive.

We’re fighting back wisely, ladies! We’re using it our benefit. FSF has teamed up with Footlocker’s Sneakerpedia and Sneaker Freaker’s Sneaker Museum to bring you (us!) this contest. All you have to do is help FSF track down as many pink sneakers you can find, even if they’re all black with a hint of pink, (trust me, there are many) that counts too. Any high-res (minimum of 600 pixels wide) photos of pink kicks found online or your own personal collection of let’s say…Nike Dunk High Tops in premium pink and yellow (don’t hate!), really any will do. The goal here is to help FSF document the so-called pink trend in the sneaker industry and to win your own autographed copy of the upcoming GIRLS GOT KICKS book! Send in your PICS OF PINK!
FSF Sneaker Freaker

Contest Rules:

Photos can be from own personal collection, promotional online ads, action shots. All images have to be at least 600 pixels wide.
Send pics to along with your name, contact info, and all the info you have on the kicks!
FSF will pick 2 winners: 1 will be picked at random from all entrants, and 1 will go to the entrant who sends in the MOST photos.
Winners will receive an autographed copy of the upcoming GIRLS GOT KICKS book!

All entries must be in by January 31, 2011.

Visit Female Sneaker Fiend for more information.

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