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Art Radar: 01.20.2011




Camilla d’Errico, an accomplished painter, illustrator, comic book artist and character creator. Camilla’s work spans a huge variety of media, including toys and apparel.

For the first time since her career began, Camilla’s work is available in a full-sized art book collection published by Dark Horse and available from January 26th with a retail price of $22.99 (USD).  You can pre-order yours now.  Retailers and e-tailers will start selling on February 2nd.

This art book is a career achievement for Camilla, as she says: “The anticipation of having my own full sized art book has been building for several years, so to finally have Femina & Fauna released is an overwhelming experience. I couldn’t have imagined the book being any better.  Dark Horse has helped me fulfill a lifelong ambition and blown me away!”

Trust us Camilla, we are excited too!



Opening January 22, 2011, at LeBasse Projects, Ahn-Nyung |Hello is an exhibition of 15 multimedia works by four Korean artists exploring the conceptual and visual currents igniting the Korean contemporary art scene today.

Curator Jae Yang mines the vanguard of South Korea’s dynamic gallery scene to deliver the American audience an unprecedented survey of works that are as effusive in their naiveté as they are expansive in their aesthetic achievement. As a whole, Ahn- Nyung | Hello uncovers a culture in transition in which memories are mutable, synthesis abuts tradition, and experience is
subject to a regimen of creative re-envisioning. Featured artists include Hyung Kwan Kim, Seok Kim, Yeonju Sung, and Jin Young Yu. A companion exhibition, Paperwork, will take place in the gallery’s project space, featuring works on paper by artists Kim Eull, Tae Heon Kim, Kakyoung Lee, and Yong Sin.



Starting on January 16th, we began liquidating SC13’s stock and, on January 31st, it will be gone forever. Nearly our entire inventory of aesthetically pleasing, conceptually rigorous, and commercially viable objects is on display and up for sale. This is your last chance to see more than a baker’s dozen of these objects, and your first chance to see them together as a whole. This is not only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to obtain artifacts of the highest quality for the lowest price, but also a chance to visualize the thirteen iterations all at once.

Everything must go. First come first served.

When: Sunday, January 23, 2011 At 03:00 PM

Where: San Francisco Antique & Design Mall (SFADM) 701 Bayshore Blvd, San Francisco, California, 94124, United States



Anthony Lister recently wrapped up a one night showing of his “Fierce” exhibition in Los Angeles, which followed a larger showcase in Art Basel Miami in late 2010. Offered below are some shots from the “Fierce” show, which featured works from Lister’s Art Basel and Sanrio Gift Shop contributions, as well as a short interview with Lister conducted by Roger Gastman.

What was your mindset when creating this body of work?

To be subtle yet strong. I had a small sketchbook that I had drawn out in Sydney of my friends sitting at bars and doing graffiti etc. I used those drawings to structure these paintings. It all started with a few lines and a good feeling.

This work doesn’t cover your usual topic of superhero’s as much as past shows – why did you go to more core images of women and graffiti?

That’s just what was around at the time.

What is something that you would like people to know about you?

My grandmother was an artist. She died yesterday. Her name was Josephine Lister and she did a great painting of Will Smith.

Read more of the Anthony Lister article here.



Banksy recently updated his website with storyboard art from his controversial collaboration with The Simpsons back in October 2010, seen here. As you can see the commercial itself follows the same formula as the storyboard, which brought to life Banky’s genius in a way the general public wouldn’t have expected. Check out more of Banksy’s work here.



Lily Black can be described in many words, but ordinary is most definitely not one of them. His love for customizing toys has made him one of our resident artists as well as our teacher for our Toy Modification class. In his class, Lily reviews the history of toy modification and demonstrates basic and complex toy model techniques. Students get to practice what they see on a test munny and take home a complimentary mini vinyl toy. All basic materials are provided.

-occurs every month
-Each class consists of one session
-The class is $40/person.
-Ages 14+ Welcome.

Sign up HERE

When: Saturday, January 22, 2011 At 12:00 PM

Where: 1AM 1000 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103


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