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What to do in DC: The Chi-Cha Lounge

The Chi-Cha Lounge: where there are neither chia pets nor cha cha sliding

The Chi-Cha Lounge: where there are neither chia pets nor cha cha sliding

Chi-Cha Lounge was the place I spent my last night in DC before I hopped on a plane for Japan and never looked back.  While the name have always kind of given me a high class Latin strip club vibe,  it’s actually more of a huge, candle-lit room with random, red velvet couches jammed haphazardly together and all kinds of world music blaring loudly through the house speakers.  It’s great if you go to lounges to meet people or otherwise spend some quality time with your friends; terrible if you’re claustrophobic or want to hang by yourself in a dark corner somewhere.  Owner Mauricia Fraga-Rosenfeld designed the place to re-create the atmosphere of his grandparent’s hacienda in Ecuador, and with the way the furniture is arranged it does have the feeling of sitting around in some hipsters apartment sipping moderately expensive drinks while discussing Oscar Wylde.  Speaking of drinks, the titular chi-cha is actually a pretty good house drink that comes in either red or white flavors and is reminiscent of a light, spicy, South-American wine.   And if you happen to be in the mood for some food to soak up all that alcohol you’re bound to consume, there’s a menu full of South American tapas to choose from.

Chi-Cha Lounge
1624 U St NW,
Washington, DC 20037

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