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What to do in DC: Thaiphoon


Typhoons are almost 100% not awesome.  They usually come in dropping insane amounts of rain all over the place, create havoc with their high speed winds, and just generally leave a path of destruction in their wake.  The only thing typhoons do that is a check in the positive column is get work and school canceled.  But does all that really matter if your apartment gets flooded while you’re trying to enjoy your impromptu off day?

Thaiphoon, on the other hand, a cleverly named Thai restaurant in DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood, is pretty awesome.  Like a typhoon, going there is always a memorable experience.  Whether you’re sitting in the window wrapped front dining room or one of the intimate booths in the back, you’ll always have a view of something interesting, like people walking on the street or customers sitting at the bar under the amber lights.  Unlike a typhoon, however, the only thing whirling around at high speeds are the wait staff, and there’s a torrential downpour of good food instead of rain, which seems like a fair enough trade to me.

Speaking of the food, most everything is like a flavor explosion in your mouth save for the noodle dishes (which, while decent, are kind of on the oily side).  Highlights include the pineapple fried rice, the crispy duck simmered in a somewhat spicy red curry and coconut milk, the airy, deep fried spring rolls, and vegetarian dumplings.  This coming from a person who can’t usually stand a ton of vegetables coalescing in my mouth together.  Best of all: Thaiphoon won’t leave a path of destruction in your wallet when it comes time to pay the bill.

2011 S St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

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