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What to do in DC: Lucky Strike

If you could bowl at the club, it'd probably look like this

If you could bowl at the club, it'd probably look like this

There’s a handful of things that, despite gender, race, location, or economic standing, everyone seems to experience in their childhood.  Things like climbing trees, kicking rocks and/or cans, doing flips over handrails, roller skating and bowling.  Bowling especially was a big part of my childhood back in the 80s.  I fondly remember the dark, dingy bowling lanes we’d frequent that, in my memory, look like they could be home to any number of creepy truck drivers.  I definitely remember the smell of sweat and stale beer wafting in the air.  And who could ever forget the sound of pins clanging together, or the screams let out when yet another ball goes rolling  into the gutter.

Lucky Strike is the exact opposite of those bowling alleys of yesteryear.  While you’ll still hear the pins clanging, and the gutter ball induced screaming, everything else you may have loved or loathed has been replaced with a super shiny, neon tinged sheen.  First of all there’s a sign out front outlining the dress code, letting you know instantly that this is not a place for shady truck drivers.  Once inside you’ll notice the neon lighting, huge TV screens lining the walls, and dance music pumping in the background.  You might start to wonder if you’ve mistakenly wandered into a club.

Don't be surprised to see some CNN mixed in with your ESPN while you bowl

Don't be surprised to see some CNN mixed in with your ESPN while you bowl

Then you’ll hear the clang of the pins and remember that, yup, you are in fact in a bowling alley.  It’s just a lot more upscale than you remember.  The stale beer smell doesn’t exist anymore, because the ultra sleek bar is more about slinging mid-priced martinis and specialty cocktails.  Typically greasy bowling lane food has been transformed into calamari and tuna burgers.  As for the actual bowling, the usually black balls are now various neon pastel hues, and the lighting on the lanes make it look like you’re bowling in the middle of outer space.  Which to me is pretty awesome since I probably won’t be bowling in space anytime soon…or ever.

Games go for $7.95 per person and shoe rental will run you $3.95.  You could even have to wait a couple of hours to get a lane.  But it’s totally worth it to relive your childhood memories minus all the possibly weird parts.

Lucky Strike
701 7th St NW # E
Washington D.C., DC 20001-3784

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