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The Show MUST Go On

My knight in shining armour does it again! Whoo hoo Lu!

My knight in shining armor does it again! Whoo hoo Lu!

It’s a stressful time for good old Del Fresco. I’m in the process of applying to grad schools and my job is getting on my last nerve. Times like these call for a pick-me-up. Now normally my happy song, Chromeo’s ‘Fancy Footwork,’ would get the job done, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The stress of school and work is taking a toll on my soul guys! I’m all fought out…almost.

My knight in shining armor came to save my weary heart just in the nick of time. Lupe Fiasco has yet to fail me. His newest single is a modern day ‘We Shall Overcome.’ A tune of perseverance that makes you want to share a nicely polished middle finger with all who doubt you, try to hold you back, or whisper ish.  ‘The Show Goes On’ is my get up, get out, and get something jam for my day to day. Thanks to Lu, this 9-5 pit stop on the way to the highway of creative freedom doesn’t seem so bad.

This release just made me a little more anxious of the release of his third album LASERS (Love Always Shines. Everytime Remember 2 Smile). Its been postponed for what feels like a decade, but the official release date is March 8, 2011.

Save it in your iPods. Bump it in your ride. Upload it to your Tumblr. Mark the date on your calendar. Its just what the doctor ordered.

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