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Skimkim Yummies: HO HO WHOAH!


So, this week, instead of a recipe, I am giving you serving suggestions for the celebrated Bloody Kim Jong-il Mix. It’s perfect for your Christmas brunch, bringing all the familly together over a cocktail (doesn’t even have to be for just brunch, drink them whenever.)

This holiday season has been a whirlwind. I can’t even see straight. Between cocktail events, private parties, & deliveries, it’s been, well…amazing. We partnered up with Kanon Vodka a couple weeks ago; did a cocktail event with half nekkid ladies & tons of liquor at the Holiday Spirits Bazaar. We’re currently selling at the Big Social Holiday Pop-up @ Openhouse Gallery in Nolita. Aaaaaaand, BIG NEWS, for all you West Coast Honeys: NATIONWIDE DELIVERY! Yes, for a $25 flat fee, you can finally get your paws on some Skimkim.

And finally, we’re getting the recognition we’ve worked so hard for–Tasting Table ran a National Feature on us yesterday!!! WHAT?! Huge. In particular, they fell in love with the Bloody Kim Jong-il Mix, pictured above. Beautiful, isn’t it? Though it makes a killer Kimchee Bloody Mary, it’s also great for Michelada’s. Oro Bakery & Bar makes these and they are addictive. I love to make soup with my Bloody. Instead of water in your ramen, use Bloody Kim Jong-il & add some kale or spinach. If your making soup or risotto, use this instead of vegetable or chicken stock. The possibilities are endless.

And with this, I leave you. Goodbye 2010, you were awesome. 2011, you’re gonna be the best lay ever.

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