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She’s Crafty: DIY Galaxy Tee

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The holidays is upon us and I feel obligated to do a Christmas-esque post but then I realized most of these are. This DIY galaxy tee is a perfect gift for your fashion forward friends (boy or girl). Best thing about it is that none are completely alike and it’s roughly $10 each!  Nothing says “I love you” more than a personalized tee made with your own two hands. So save your money (it’s a recession after all), and get to crafting!

She's Crafty Galaxy tee

Materials Needed:
– black tee
– bleach
– fabric dye (I used ‘wine’)
– white acrylic paint
– textile medium
– cardboard
– paint brush
– small container
– gloves

** please use gloves throughout this tutorial, getting bleach on them isn’t pretty**

Galaxy tee bleached and dried

Galaxy tee bleached and dried

STEP 1: Put bleach in a small container. Lay the black tee flat on a surface with the cardboard inside. Using a brush, apply the bleach to the shirt. There isn’t an exact science to doing this. I just “painted” bleach all over the shirt sporadically.  Leave the bleach on for about 3-5 minutes,  feel free to reapply the bleach on certain sections of your bleached area to create different shades of lightened fabric. After about 5 minutes, rinse out the bleach and let the shirt dry (tumble dry or just hang).

She's Crafty Galaxy tee

STEP 2:  Follow the dyeing instructions on the dye bottle. 15-20 mins is sufficient time to get the desired look instead of the directed 30-60 mins. Rinse fabric and let dry.

She's Crafty Galaxy tee

STEP 3:  Mix your white acrylic paint with the textile medium (read textile medium instructions). This makes the paint more fabric friendly. Once you’ve created the mixture, use a brush to pick up some of the paint. Gently tap the paintbrush to create a splattered look.

She's Crafty Galaxy tee

And voilà! You now have your basic galaxy tee. To create a more precise space-like design, repeat the bleaching and dying process (instead of soaking it entirely in dye, you’d probably want to paint the dye on instead). Also, instead of paint and textile medium, you can also just tap bleach on your shirt (this may take longer) or use a bleach pen.  Don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t come out right the first try (I did this tutorial twice). Just try again until you get your desired look. Good luck!

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  1. Wow i really like this diy, maybe i going to try it 😀


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