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Photo of the Week: Boy and Dove by Sahara Borja


Where did you take the photo?

I took the photo on a stretch of Bedford that i had never been to before.  Somewhere between Midwood and Flushing Avenue, ahem…

What were you thinking before you shot the photo?

I was thinking everything was in place.  I was thinking about how he was touching the pigeon as if it were a dove.

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

I felt relieved. And anxious. The usual.

What do you like about the image?

During my days of babysitting a little girl names Olive, we perhaps dropped this beloved Nikon one to many times… by the end, the 50mm was fuzzy ( see above) and the 28 mm produced more scratches than not. On this day i was zipping home on my bike  when i saw boy-with-dove, religious pieces on his head and belt.  We talked. His perfect grammar was unsettling, and he made confident eye contact, most of the time.  He was caring for the pigeon after school instead of doing homework inside.  He struck me as a solo-type. In the short time that  Iwas there, the other kids on the street  did not talk or look at him so much as treat him and the bird as creatures form else where.

What camera did you use?

The ol’ Nikon + expired film

How did you get in to photography?

In essence, I’d been looking at my Pop’s contact sheets and watching him photograph throughout my childhood. i never thought about it as something I’d want to do b/c that was ‘his.’ when i was 24 he gave me an old camera on a trip to visit him in England. when i got back to San Francisco i began carrying it with me always and there you have it

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