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Nike Women’s Premium Print Pack

My two loves combined.

My two loves combined.

Who says magazines are only good for those long sessions in the water closet? Nike has found a new use for those old Word Up!s and Teen Beats. The Premium Print Pack utilizes recycled magazines and incorporates them into a sneaker design strictly for the ladies.

The ‘green’ pack includes a Blazer Mid, Air Rift, and Flash Macro. Its like Nike took the two things I love most, threw them into a dark closet for a 7 Minutes in Heaven session, and nine months later the greatest sneaker idea ever was born. My initial concern was the durability of the material. Well, no need to fret. The stitched magazine surface is treated with a transparent, protective layer to keep the paper from peeling, ripping, or fading. Nice touch Nike. Unfortunately, the pack is only Europe and China release. Oh, and to make matters worse it drops at the first of the year. What a way to start my 2011.

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