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Minimalism and Fashion: Reduction in the Postmodern Era by Elyssa Dimant

Minimalism and Fashion

“Modernity begins here, as a process of elimination: minimal seams, minimal weight, minimal care, minimal details…minimalism is, I think, the future.”

-Geoffrey Beene, 1994

When Minimalism and Fashion: Reduction in the Postmodern Era arrived on my doorstep, I was intrigued because of its sheer size.   This is no ordinary book, but a gorgeous collection of art, fashion and culture from the 1960s to the present.  Curated and written by Elyssa Dimant, a fashion historian, lecturer and professor, her vast knowledge and experience guide her in a comprehensive look at minimalism, not just in fashion, but in culture. She explains:

In many ways, minimalism transitioned from a 1960s high art movement to a persisting presence in contemporary artistic vernacular due to its appropriation within the field of fashion, and to the many fashion designers who have equated reduction and abstraction with beauty and progress.

Minimalism and Fashion explores how fashion, art and life intersect to create beauty that transcends time.  She illustrates the cross-pollination of various fields with works of fashion designers ranging from Coco Chanel to Yohji Yamamoto, artists from Frank Stella to Jeff Koons and photographers from Richard Avedon to Juergen Teller.  A beautiful coffee table book, Minimalism and Fashion is a wonderful addition to a fashion or art book collection and makes a wonderful gift for any person who loves culture.  Minimalism and Fashion is available for sale on

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