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M.I.S.S. In The Mix: Girl Talk – All Day


For the ladies who haven’t heard of Girl Talk, here is a quick recap. Girl Talk (George Michael Gillis) is a Pittsburgh native DJ that’s unique mash-ups and samples are released for free on the label Illegal records. He has put five of these mix tapes to date.  His DJ alias, Girl Talk, comes from a few points of inspiration:

Well the name Girl Talk is a reference to many things, products, magazines, books. It’s a pop culture phrase. The whole point of choosing the name early on was basically to just stir things up a little within the small scene I was operating from.

I came from a more experimental background and there were some very overly serious, borderline academic type electronic musicians. I wanted to pick a name that they would be embarrassed to play with. You know Girl Talk sounded exactly the opposite of a man playing a laptop, so that’s what I chose. – Greg Girl Talk Gillis from FMLY Interview

This latest mix tape from Girl Talk “All Day” is as diverse as ever. With mash-ups of Black Sabbath “War Pigs” and 2pac ft KC and Jojo “How Do You Want It” just to get the record started, you can imagine how interesting these mash-ups get.


Luckily, you don’t have to guess who is being mashed into what this time around. The entire play list is available on the All Day Wikiepedia page. This album includes 12 “tracks” that include as many as 10-12 songs mashing up, one into another. The innovative mix of old classics and new party anthems has made Girl Talk a house hold name, when that house is hosting a BYOB party.

Enjoy this full album on the house, courtesy of Girl Talk. Since the music used in the mix tape would be a nightmare to get copy right clearance for and almost impossible to afford, he just gives it away to us.

Get your download of All Day here!


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