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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: I’m Feeling S’well

Give a gift that is Healthy, Helpful, Happy

Give a gift that is Healthy, Helpful, Happy

I’m feeling S’well- the water bottle, that is.  Nowadays, reusable water bottles can be found anywhere.  While this swell in the market is a positive push in the direction of both health and the environment, not all water bottles are created the same.  Thankfully, a thoughtfully-designed water container by S’well makes up for what other bottles lack, while encouraging folks to be healthy, helpful, and happy.  This stylishly sleek bottle is the perfect green gift that keeps on giving.

We all need water to live, and while most of us take the luxury of water for granted, one billion people, most of whom are in the world’s poorest communities, don’t even have safe access to water.  Thankfully, S’well addresses this global water crisis by donating 10% of the proceeds from sales to WaterAid, an organization dedicated to improving access to safe drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation on a global scale.  Each bottle sold provides almost a year supply of water for someone of need.  If you’re looking for a gift, this is it!

The S’well bottle not only helps provide water for those in need, but it can also help the environment.  Each year, an estimated 50 billion plastic water bottles are consumed in the US alone, and combined with the 200 billion globally, that’s billions of water bottles too many.  Yes, plastic water bottles are recyclable, but even though many people are on the eco-conscious tip, only 20% of the water bottles actually end up being recycled.  Many turn to plastic water bottles for convenience, but what could be more convenient than having an insulated, stylish bottle whenever you need it?  Swearing off plastic bottles would be a New Year’s resolution worth keeping- but you have to start with a water bottle that will keep you away from plastic.

Take a look into my kitchen cupboard and you will see that I have been on quite a quest to find a water bottle versatile enough for my busy body.  I’ve moved on from the BPA-free plastic water bottles, to a glass bottle (which eventually broke because I’m clumsy), to a myriad of stainless steel vessels.  Some of these bottles are small, some large, some have a wide open mouth, while others have a sports cap.  Some are for hot liquids, while others can’t even fit an ice cube in the mouth.  It seems as if the founder of the S’well, Sarah Kauss,  took most water bottle issues into account when creating the bottle in a year-long design process.

When I received the S’well bottle*, I was quite impressed with the actual look of it.  Its sleek, retro design has already caused water bottle envy with my coworkers.  This double-insulated container, constructed of the highest quality stainless steel, also keep hot liquids hot, and cold beverages cold, so to make sure the claims are true, I needed to test it for myself.

Can the this bottle bottle take the heat?

Can this bottle bottle take the heat?

The Hot Test
Unless you want a lesson in heat conduction, you often can’t put hot liquids in stainless steel bottles.  Glass containers are great for hot beverages, but those can break.  I decided to try the hot test out with some tea.

After boiling water on my electric kettle, I poured it into the S’well bottle and added a bag of lavender chamomile tea from Traditional Medicinals.  The mouth of the bottle fit the bag just right, but I had to be careful that the string and tag didn’t fall completely to the bottom.  Amazingly, when I picked up the bottle, my fingers didn’t scald!  It felt slightly warm, but not even close to a burn.

After the usual steep time of 5 minutes, I carefully checked the temperature of the water by pouring a little out.  Ouch….still very hot- almost as hot as it was when it first came out of the pot.  I decided to leave the top off of the bottle and check the temperature every half an hour.  After one hour, the tea was still too hot to drink.  They weren’t kidding when they said S’well bottles keep liquids hot.  After two hours, the liquid could still burn my tongue.  At the third hour, the tea was at a temperate temperature, not too hot, but just right to drink.  I put the lid on the bottle after drinking a few gulps and amazingly, the tea kept warm for 3 more hours.  It’s not too often you can find water bottle that can take the heat!

Can this bottle keep it cool?

Can this bottle keep it cool?

The Cold Test
I figured the best cold beverage to test would be frozen margaritas.  After blending the margaritas, I immediately filled up my S’well bottle.  Since the drink was a slushy texture, it made it quite difficult to drink without a straw.  Thanks to the double insulation, the bottle didn’t freeze my hand, and the margarita stayed frozen while I watched an entire movie.  The drink was so cold that all that was left was an icy slush.  I decided to leave the bottle out overnight to see if it stayed cold.  The next morning, I opened the water bottle and although the ice had melted, the liquid was still ice cold.

After taking this bottle to the extremes, I’ve been using it everyday for its intended purpose: water.  I’ve used it in my car, and can appreciate how snug the bottle fits in my cupholder, unlike some of my other bottles.  I love how the mouth opening is the perfect size, so I won’t drench myself when I take a sip.  There are not guarantees against leaks, but this bottle has been everywhere with me, including on holiday shopping excursions, and I haven’t had any leaks at all.  I’ve even dropped it a few times and it looks as good as new.

The size and weight of the bottle fits well in my gym bag, and it provides just enough water for a workout.  It can hold up to 17oz. of water, which is a good amount to carry around.  Fill it up during each meal, and drink in between meals, and you’ll consume more than enough water that you need to keep a healthy, hydrated body.  I’m feeling the S’well water bottle, and it’s helped me feel swell as well.

Go green and give the gift of health by giving a S’well bottle to a loved one.  You’ll probably want one for yourself as well!  Check one, or two, out at the S’well shop soon!

*I received the S’well bottle for review

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