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Girl Talk With Glossy: Josie Stevens Is Pretty In Pink

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice…that’s what Josie Stevens is made of. Ok and maybe some saline and bleach too, but don’t let the big blonde hair and mega  boobs fool you, Josie Stevens is not your typical Hollywood snob “rock star wife”. The sugary sweet, Hello Kitty obsessed wife to legendary rock guitarist, Steve Stevens is in fact, one of the most down to earth and lovely women I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing. Josie really stood out from the rest of the cast of her hit show titled “Married To Rock“. With adventures of making a life sized doll (private parts included) version of herself and an over-the-top Hello Kitty castle themed wedding (so jelz), I just knew I had to track down this Hollywood  glamour puss for a quick Q&A about beauty, boobs, and keeping that spark with a rock star!


GLOSSY: Hi, Josie you’re my favorite rock star wife on MTR, mostly because You’re like a life sized Barbie doll! Oh wait, you actually ARE a life sized Barbie Doll, how is “Josie Doll” by the way?

JOSIE: Aww, hehe, thank you so much! I am actually a huge fan of Barbie and do try to style some of my looks after hers. :) And as for Josie Doll, she has fully recuperated but she may need therapy after her misadventure. haha


GLOSSY: In three words how would you describe your style?

JOSIE: Fun, colorful, kawaii.

GLOSSY: Who is your fashion icon?

JOSIE: Hmm, that’s a tough question… There are so many elements and people that have influenced my look, from drag queens to Keith Richards to cartoons to the beautiful Shibuya girls in Tokyo. I am fortunate to get to travel a lot and I think I have picked up a lot of different inspiration from seeing the styles different girls rock all over the world. I also like watching old movies and art films for inspiration and try and read every fashion magazine from across the world that I can get my hands on. I am a fan of high fashion, but to me the most visually interesting people are the ones who are a bit on the outskirts of “fashion”. The girls who take a piece of something modern and stylish and put their own timeless spin on it, and of course, rock stars are a big inspiration… My husband, Steve Stevens, has had a big influence on my style, he has always had his own unique, amazing look and he inspires me to try new things. :) If I had to pick 3 besides him, I would say Kaoru Watanabe from “EGG magazine”, Pamela Anderson in “VIP” and Raquel Welch in “Myra Breckinridge”.


GLOSSY: What are your top 5 beauty essentials?

JOSIE: Nail art, hair extensions, fake lashes, lip gloss and eyeliner. I never feel dressed without them!

GLOSSY: As a nail art enthusiast, I must say your nails are always so fabulous!! Who does your 3-D nails? And what has been your craziest design?

JOSIE: Yuki at Jewel Candy nails (@jewelcandy_yuki) has been doing my nails for a few months now and she is amazing. I also used to frequent Marie Nails in Hollywood… I have had a lot of crazy designs, so its hard to pick which is the wildest. The giant hello kitty candy themed ones in Episode 1 of “Married to Rock” were pretty wild… And in the still shoot for the shows promotional photos, my friend Kristen and I did giant 3D metal skulls and spiders on a black nail which was pretty hot.


GLOSSY: I ‘ve read on your twitter that you were a make up artist? Do you do your own make up for the show? Or do you guys have a make up artist?

JOSIE: I am a makeup artist, but these days I haven’t been taking on many new clients. I mainly do my own, Steve’s and a few close friends.I do my own some days, and Joyce Bonelli (@glamsquadbts) does my makeup quite a bit. She is amazing, talented and fearless. I love her. I also work with Allison Burns (@allietotheb), who is great and very sweet. I love talking hair and makeup, so feel free to tweet me @JosieStevensMTR or hit me up on Facebook (Josie Stevens).

GLOSSY: How do you maintain that girlish figure?  You know most celebrities say ” I can eat whatever I want and never exercise blah blah blah” give us the low down. baby food diets? or 5 hours at the gym 7 days a week?

JOSIE: To be honest, I don’t count calories but I do try to avoid eating too many sweets or fried foods because I think it is bad for my skin and I am pretty active. I think that a lot of girls want to give the impression that their look is effortless, but I don’t support that. I think its unfair and makes women feel badly about themselves. When you are in the entertainment business your look is part of your craft and there is no shame in admitting you work hard to look a certain way…. I am naturally thin, but of course I have some unnatural parts. haha… I think that the secret is just to make the most of what you have and love yourself, instead of trying to make yourself into something your not. That holds true in everything in life, but certainly I know a lot of people who wish that they were taller, shorter, thinner, curvier, whatever. You cant fight your build without making yourself miserable, so I think we should just do our best to eat healthy, exercise and embrace whatever shape we have. There are pros and cons to every body type, but the secret is just to dress to enhance what you like and flatter what you dont and to accept your flaws as being beautiful too. Francis Bacon said “There is no beauty that not some strangeness in the proportion.” and I like to think thats true… I have also never met a woman who loved every part of her body. If there is someone out there who does, bless you! :)

GLOSSY: As a Rock Star Wife What makes you feel sexy?

JOSIE: My husband makes me feel sexier then anything in the world. No matter what I am wearing, or not wearing, , he always makes me feel beautiful. I think true love is sexier than anything else… but of course, I love dressing up in hot outfits, corsets, high heels, sexy makeup, big hair. I feel sexiest when I feel glamorous and confident.

GLOSSY: I LOVE your big hair, and I know everyone else does too! who is your hair stylist? and can you give us some fun tips/tricks?

JOSIE: My extensions are done by Kristen at Sirens Salon on Spaulding (Los Angeles,CA), and my stylist is Johnny Stuntz. They are both incredible hair dressers, and very close friends of mine. Johnny and Joyce (my makeup artist) and I are working on setting up a date to do some hair and makeup tutorials for my youtube channel (josiestevensmtr) but we are all so busy scheduling has been difficult! I think the key to big hair is to start by setting your hair in curls or flat-ironing it, and then using a fine toothed comb or brush to back-tease small sections starting at the crown of your head, and using quite a bit of hairspray as you go (we use Elnett). Once it is all giant and looks like you stuck your finger in a socket, haha, you can use a brush to shape it into a big rounded style or a teasing pick to shape it into a more spiky rocker style, and then spray, spray, spray it again.  After that, you should be set for the day. I like to finish it off with a hair bow or fascinator. :)

GLOSSY: Josie, you know I HAD to ask… How big are Your “girls”? And does your hubby have a pet name for them?

JOSIE: I wear a 32G or 30GG, which basically makes it quite difficult to find cute bras, but I have found a few great places online. No pet names for them, but he is their biggest fan.


GLOSSY: Thank You Josie for taking the time  sharing your girly secrets with me. You guys can find  Josie on  twitter @JosieStevensMTR, Facebook “Josie Stevens”, and on E! Channel Sunday nights at 10:30/9:30 central on “Married to Rock“!

Image Layout: Ashley

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25 Responses to “Girl Talk With Glossy: Josie Stevens Is Pretty In Pink”

  1. rumpshaker says:

    This post made me incredibly happy. Two of my favorite people :)

  2. jules says:

    Great interview with josie stevens. Would have love to learn more about her other job as porn star adult model Frankie Dashwood.

  3. fishy says:

    She looks like a fish. How in the world do you think that looks pretty??

  4. 78main says:

    Why didn’t you ask her about her career as a porn star?? That’s what her occupation is. I don’t understand why she doesn’t talk about it. It’s like she doesn’t want anyone to know about her life as Frankie Dashwood.

  5. Dee says:

    Yes she is a porn star. Many names, most notably Frankie Dashwood

  6. aj says:

    ok, she has big tits, her mouth looks like it was sucked by a toilet plunger and she likes Hello Kitty. How shallow and vapid this poor creature is. I feel bad for her, she must have some sort of deep seeded hate of herself to do this to her body.

  7. madalynn:X says:

    heyy i LOVE josie shes so awesomei love her hair,close,and every thing else ily josieee

  8. james says:

    Un-photoshopped, this is her reality:

  9. DJgrind says:

    Stevens is notorious for having his hands on alot of tits. She can make her tits twice as big, ain’t gonna stop Stevens from straying.

  10. GeoFFrey says:

    My daughter watches this show, she loves Josie Stevens, I have to say that as father of a teenage girl you care about the kind of girls they look up to. I watched the show and thought it was some what funny albeit obviously scripted reality. I did a tad of research and read an assortment of web sites and comment pages. Much to my chagrin I discovered her not so noble means of employment. My only hope is that little girls like mine don’t find out that she does pornography. As a father my heart breaks for her parents. She most certainly is not someone I want my daughter to emulate in any way shape or fashion.

  11. Juan says:

    Frankie Dashwood Josie Stevens is living the dream. Started out as a stripper, groupie, adult video star and adult model and gold digging wife of a former rock star and is on mainstream television Married to Rock. Even though she seems to have everything that money can buy, she can not grasp the essential elements in life, the things that money can not buy. True love respect and peace of mind. She is not a role model for the average young girl and I do not think she wants to be a roll model.

  12. ASHLEIGHBUNNY;) says:

    you know, if you don’t have anything nice to say about josie than don’t say anything at all. Get a life, don’t be mean, I’m sure most of you are just jealous. It’s terrible how mean some of you are! If you don’t like her than just keep it to yourself! She is who she wants to be! I feel sorry for all of you who are mean, you make yourself feel better by picking on someone who can’t defend theirself. So what if she did porn, it’s her life and her decisions, not yours. So grow up and get a life.

  13. tabitha says:

    James, those photos of her are devastatingly hideous. I don’t think these people are being mean, they’re being honest.

  14. tia03 says:

    I think she is absoloutly beautiful inside n out she is sweet and i love seeing how in love her and steve are they are such a perfect match much luv to her

  15. **nik** says:

    This species only exists in strip clubs and adult films.

  16. asshbunny says:

    She’s a model? I wouldn’t exactly call this modeling:

  17. Yanely says:

    Yay ..Josie!
    Look around you, look in to your eyes What do you see?
    Sin.Why are you trying so hard to kill her Character as a human being..One finger is pointed at her But three back at all of you..
    Go back yo your Mom and have her teach you manners..

  18. noooooo says:

    no!!!!! I didn’t want to believe it! But it’s her!! Frankie Dashwood is Josie. If you google her name and look at the photos, she even has her wedding band on while she’s sticking her finger up her own ass!

  19. Chels says:

    Josie is honestly sooo sweet and she doesn’t think she’s above anyone, she’s really fun and positive and I think people only look at how she looks on the outside and automatically call her rude names, etc. bc of how she looks… and SHE’S the shallow one? sounds like you’re the shallow one babes!!

  20. raluca says:

    i love you ,she`s beautiful love u josie :X:X:X:

  21. Victoria says:

    I am so sick of seeing the same hater posting under different names on every website that mentions Josie Stevens. You must have a google alert on her or just search her name every day. Why does she make you so jealous? Is it because you are in love with her man and wish you were her or are you just an fat old ugly bitter bitch? You must not have a very good life to be stalking hers so damn much.

  22. Samantha nicole says:

    You are like my idol
    I love the show!
    Your so pretty<3 (:

  23. yikesy>..> says:

    why won’t Josie comment on her porn career? I wish she would and shut these haters up. I’m starting not to like her for not owning up to it

  24. cindy says:

    hey whats the name of the boutique josie bought her wedding dress at??? i feel in love with the one Aj tried on,it was beautiful…

  25. jon says:

    Will there be a season 2 of Married To Rock? Maybe Josie will cum clean about her porn career as Frankie Dashwood and her husband Steve Stevens addiction to drugs and sex with other women. It would be a public service to other women in her same situation of being involved in such a sad marriage if she could shar how she deals with it all. Must be stressful.


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