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Jeggings: Fashion Hot or Fashion Not


Is this the best substitute we could find for our beloved leggings?

Is this the best substitute we could find for our beloved leggings?

So, I’m in the mall this past weekend as normal. Minding my business. Shopping for the usuals: nail polish, jeans, beanies, sneakers. Nothing out of the norm. Little sis suddenly screeches in delight, grabs firmly to my wrist, and proceeds to pull me as fast as her legs will carry the weight of both our bodies. We end up in front of a dark lair with loud noises seeping through its opening. Oh no. We’re in front of Abercrombie & Fitch. She snatches me inside and goes straight to a round table of what I thought was leggings. No biggie. I wear A&F jeans. Being a writer I take notice of the typo on the sign on the table.

‘This has a typo. They put a ‘J’ instead of an ‘L’ on this sign.’

My sister then gives me this ‘you’re a dumbass’ look and enlightens me. She goes on to inform me of this new leg covering phenomenon known as ‘jeggings.’ Apparently some genius though it would be fashionable to turn our beloved stretchy, tush hugging leggings into some horrid denim substitution. Oh the humanity! Whats next? Patent leather legwarmers?

Now I understand its getting cold outside and we’re not quite ready to pack up our leggings, but OMG is this the extreme we must resort to?  I shall not. Please. Someone. ANYONE. Tell me this isn’t the next ‘it’ thing. I can’t deal. This isn’t the best we could do. Is it?

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