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Design Insider: The Sneaker Freaker Museum

Like that word that’s on the tip of your tongue – how many times have you seen a pair of sneakers on someone else’s feet and wished you knew what they were? Perhaps you suddenly remember a pair you loved as a kid, but haven’t seen or heard of them since. Or maybe you remember the brand and the colour, but not much else (except how cool they were). And then, like an itch you can’t help but scratch, you spend the next 6 hours of your life scouring the internet for them – only to come up with zilch.

Don’t you just wish someone would make a website where you could look up ever sneaker ever made? Well now thanks to the clever folk at Sneaker Freaker – that website exists. Say hello to the newly established Sneaker Freaker Museum.sfmuseum2

Most people would agree that putting together a database of thousands and thousands of shoes would probably be best left to a centipede (or better yet, Imelda Marcos). Whilst not entirely a new idea, a database of sneakers is a massive project that requires some serious balls to undertake. Data entry, scanning, researching – not to mention man power to build and maintain the damn thing – all has to be accounted for.”We spent a lot of time punching in correct colour names, style codes etc. That was the killer part that really slowed us down. It’s been two years in the making,” Sneaker Freaker head honcho and driving force behind the Sneaker Freaker Museum, Woody, sums up. Sneaker Freaker were up for the challenge – and in the process, they’ve proved they are so much more than just a magazine.

“What we really wanted to do was create a single site where arguments can be settled once and for all. To that end, we tried as much as possible to include correct colours and style codes… because that’s the kind of stuff you can’t find anywhere else,” Woody says.

But where exactly did they get the content and how did they start the huge task of putting it together? “Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few catalogues from the 80s and 90s and this became the foundation of the museum,” Woody says. This was followed by two years of collecting data, images, colour names and style codes around the clock. “We had Memphis and Mike Cola (Sneaker Freaker crew) working on the uploading for month after month.”sfmuseum1

Sharing it’s good looks with big brother Sneaker Freaker, the museum has a classy black-and-grey striped interface that features the spiffy new Museum Man mascot (designed by James Rogers and finished literally seconds before the site launched). The site allows you to browse or search by brand, style and/or model. Once you find the shoe you’re looking for, you’re provided with images and information about shoe including release date, colour, model number and much more.

To top it off, the Sneaker Freaker Museum has the same community vibe that sneakerfiends everwhere already love about the Sneaker Freaker website – because users are able to contribute. Even though the site is living up to the ambitious mission of “Every shoe! Every colour! Ever made!” with a huge database that already includes over 7000 shoes, the Sneaker Freaker Museum will no doubt grow – with the help of contributors – into the biggest database of sneakers on the planet (if it isn’t already!).

So if you’ve been searching for that illusive thingamabob-whatchamacallit pair for years, head over to the Sneaker Freaker Museum at and settle the score once and for all.

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