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Dear Summer: What To Expect When You’re NOT Expecting

Dear Summer: What To Expect When You're NOT Expecting

When it comes to holiday gift swapping, couples either love it or loathe it. Every holiday it’s the same dilemma: “I told him if he bought ME (fill in the blank) then I would buy HIM (fill in the blank)”. The arduous task of “what should I get so-and-so” starts off innocently enough and spirals into a full fledged anxiety attack. The anticipation of whether or not the gift will be loved, hated, exchanged, or returned looms heavily over each holiday season like Aunt Edna’s fruit cake. Although my greedy little hands DO love receiving gifts (who doesn’t?) for me, the holidays are a time to actually GIVE; it’s just so heartwarming to watch another person (ESPECIALLY your partner) unwrap a present. The adrenaline rush of tearing open wrapping paper is incredibly nostalgic, taking you back into time when Santa existed. Ultimately its main purpose is to camouflage a personal keepsake that was given out of love. To YOU.

Often times I hear stories of couples trying to outdo one another in the gift giving department, which is understandable because the intentions are good. Who doesn’t want the very best for a lover? It’s the EXPECTING part that gets my eyes rolling. I once had a girlfriend of mine explain: “I gave that man ten years and two babies… I BETTER get my ring this year!” She never got her ring. Not because “that man” didn’t love her, but because this grown woman stomped around her house like a toddler, demanding a very expensive piece of jewelry SHE felt she deserved. Seriously, how would you feel opening such a beautiful gift that you basically FORCED someone to buy? How embarrassing! Be gracious and remember no matter how simple the gift, it really IS the thought that counts. Pleasant surprises keep relationships exciting and just look at it this way, the more you GIVE, the more you get!

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