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Dear Summer: All He Wants For Christmas? Nudie Pics!

Dear Summer: All He Wants For Christmas? Nudie Pics!

Still not sure what to get your guy this Christmas? When all options are exhausted, a TASTEFUL set of boudoir photographs is creative and THOUGHTFUL. When nude pictures of Rihanna surfaced on the internet, she was quick to reply, “If you don’t send your boyfriend nudes, I feel sorry for him!” Indeed she is correct, who doesn’t want to see their girlfriend transformed from sweet to slightly scandalous? But before you start ripping your clothes off, keep a few things in mind!

DO: Have confidence. Don’t worry about that Whopper you ate last night. Chances are your man will like the extra jiggle so get over it, that’s what Photoshop is for!

DON’T: Try too hard. Sure the Kim Kardashian-esque, mouth half open thing is tempting to replicate, but you don’t want your “O” face to look like you’re taking a dump. Practice makes perfect, so make sure to have all of your poses prepared ahead of time.

DO: Hire a PROFESSIONAL makeup artist, hair stylist, and photographer THAT YOU TRUST. My “glam squad” did such an amazing job making me over that the photos barely looked like me, but I loved them! Remember, this is fantasy, so don’t be afraid to do it up BIG. Research photos online or in magazines so you know exactly what you want.

DON’T: Just hire a GWC (guy with camera) to save cash. Besides safety issues, this will prevent your photos from ending up on some seedy website.

DO: Incorporate music. My shoot consisted of Prince, The Rolling Stones, and Marilyn Manson. Whatever it is, it should help you to relax and bring out your inner sex kitten.

DON’T: Forget to wax!

DO: Be creative with the wardrobe. Not all guys are into lingerie, so tune into his personal preferences. Simply throwing on one of his button down shirts can be surprisingly sexy versus a leather and lace number.

DON’T: Pose nude in Jordans. IT’S PLAYED OUT.

DO: Keep the photos hidden away in a safe, private place. You don’t want the kiddos seeing mommy tied to the bedpost do you?

DON’T: Let him keep them if you break up!

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