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Chris Brown, In My Zone 2: A Review

In My Zone 2 by Chris Brown

In My Zone 2 by Chris Brown

After I read “R.Kelly’s Comeback” in Clutch magazine, which explores the fact that Black American society apparently forgave him for his obvious, although never convicted for, acts of pedophilia, I decided to take a gander at Chris Brown’s latest mixtape.

Chris Brown has yet to bounce back and erase the “abuser” label off of his brow. However, as many commenters on the site explained, if an artist is a musical “genius”, then regardless of what they have done in their personal life, they the fans will still listen to and shower them with the props they deserve. The question is: “Does Chris Brown deserve props for this effort?”

Track 1 is called “Ms.Breezy”, and  I must say that I was quite lost at the speech talking about courage and integrity, 0which unless it totally escaped me, was unrelated to the topic at hand. Eventually, the beat kicked in and Gucci mane embarked on a sloppy cipher. Perhaps, it wasn’t the message that was bad, but rather his delivery. Perhaps. Things got a little better once Mr.Breezy started to sing. However, the lyrical content is nothing to boast about e.g.: “Shopping spree, you can have anything…Imma let her see what it feels like to be Ms. Breezy.” This kind of “Whatever you like” anthem has evidently been done before and the beat sounds oddly familiar.

“Shit Got Damn” is rather catchy; it had me grooving. As for the lyrics, at this point, I’ve decided to overlook that factor as, in my opinion of course, not much thought was given to the words. With lyrics like “Life’s a b*** since dem ho** are too easy” alone I could write a treatise on male chauvinism. “My girl like dem girls”, a track exploring a bi-curious girlfriend, is a topic touched upon by other Hip hop/R&B artists in the past, present and sadly future. SKIP!

Breezy showcases his rapping skills on “What you doing”. He isn’t bad at all; I rather like when he spits it fast a la Ludicrous. Rhetorical question: Why do [many] hip hop artists brag about themselves? In both “Drop Rap” and “What you doing”, he raps about how great he is and in the former, he even mentions that “he’s light skinned and not an average dude”.

All in all, it does seem like Chris Brown had fun with this effort. Actually, it doesn’t seem serious at all, there is no innovation. But, although this may come across as snarky,  I give him props for keeping busy.

Don’t take my word for it. If you haven’t already, you can take a listen to “In My Zone 2” via Direct lyrics.

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