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What to do in DC: Blu Water Day Spa

Blu Water Day Spa, home of great skin care

Blu Water Day Spa, home of great skin care

At one point in time Washington, DC was the murder capital of America.  These days the city is a heck of a lot safer, but it can still be murderous…for your skin.  If you’re not being beaten down by humidity or sweltering heat, you’re probably getting whipped in the face with blisteringly cold winds and assaulted with snow.  It’s enough to make even the most softest, baby-like of skin feel like heaps of leathery sandpaper.  Luckily there’s no shortage of spas to take care of your needs, one of the best being Blue Water Day Spa just outside of DC in Northern Bethesda, MD.

These skilled beauty technicians are all about making sure you leave feeling happy and glowing

Setting foot into Blu Water  Day Spa is like setting foot into a whole ‘nother world, a world where Yanni-like music plays in the background and people wait on you hand and foot.  There’s a space for private facials, massage and body treatment rooms, individual waxing rooms, a clinical permanent make-up room, private shower facilities, an Apothecary Bar, 12 pedicure stations and 18 customized nail treatment stations.  Each area employs the latest and greatest in beauty technology to make sure you leave happy and, more importantly, radiantly glowing.  It doesn’t even matter what kind of skin type you have.  The staff is super knowledgeable and can modify any treatment to meet your specific needs.

One other note: this is the place to go if you need your eyebrows taken care of.  Doesn’t matter what they look like.  Bushy squirrel tails?  Go to Blue Water.   Thinner than 1990s Kate Moss?  Go to Blue Water.  Unibrow?  Go to Blue Water.  The owner, Julie, is a the eyebrow goddess and can whip even the most fugliest of eyebrow into tip top shape.

Blu Water Day Spa
5234 Nicholson Lane
Bethesda, MD

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