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Two recent celebrity divorces

Two recent celebrity divorces

We’ve had a slew of celebrity break-ups recently, only to have said stars be linked to someone else moments later. It seems to me that when you’re a proud member of the Hollywood circle, you cannot be single for even a second. It’s like there is this unsaid mandate to date someone else as soon as possible as opposed to mending the wounds from the last relationship. Perhaps, they are afraid of being seen as pathetic, and they want to beat their now insignificant other to the dating pool since if he or she starts a new relationship or fling before them, they just may look like the loser.

All of this is quite nonsensical to me; celebrities are made into these semi-gods who lose their baby weight at an irregular speed and get over a bad split even faster. Hell, after my break-up last December, I started a new relationship 4 months later. Still, I was met with “Already?” Granted, far before the announcement of their split, they may have already been recovering from the situation. Who knows? I just think, especially when there are kids involved, new relationships need to start off with a bit more consideration for all parties and discretion. Then again, I don’t have cameras following me around, so I wouldn’t know. Evidently, it is their prerogative, but nonetheless worthy of mention and downright puzzling.

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