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The Design Link List 11.12.10


What we love ♥♥ in design this week…

niketown london

♥♥ NikeTown London has reopened after a massive refurbishment by BDP that sees the store become the largest Nike retail outlet in the world. BDP to a fresh look at London’s architecture and came up with a unique mix of London-inspired references for the updated NikeTown, from a red brick football building to a futuristic glass golf pavilion, with a digital ‘town crier’ messaging device that appears to float in NikeTown square as the center piece.

bang! lamp by bitplay

♥♥ Can’t be bothered turning off the light once you’re in bed? Shoot your lights out instead with the Bang! lamp by Bitplay. The lamp, which debuted last week at Tokyo Design Week 2010, comes complete with a cordless pistol, which you point at the lamp and shoot. As if by magic, the lampshade tips and the light goes off.

♥♥ To help raise awareness of World AIDS Day, Dec 1st 2010, PencilNeck Productions presents Toy to the World on Saturday 20th November at Section 8 bar in Melbourne. A two part event, half design workshop/half exhibition, the event is open to Melbourne’s designers, illustrators and arty-types who’ll each be given a vinyl toy bear to transform into a piece of unique art exploring many themes especially those surrounding World AIDS Day 2010 and its theme “Make Change, Not Discrimination”. For more info email

Blue Cow Soap

♥♥ Founded in 1909 in Kyoshinsha, Japan, Cow Brand has been making soap continually since, even when their factory was destroyed during World War II. Cow Beauty Soap is an old, popular, and ubiquitous brand of soap in Japan, made using milk, milk fat and jasmine fragrance as its main ingredients. But even more wonderful is the gorgeous packaging. Get some via Hickoree’s.

Camera Lens Mug

♥♥ Love coffee and photography? Now you can drink out of a lens-shaped mug that looks so real you might need to label which one is which. The Camera Lens Mug by Photojojo, is available in ‘Nikon’ and ‘Canon’ designs. Both mug models have a stainless steel lined inner that makes for easy cleaning, a lens-cap lid, rubber-grip focus and zoom rings and a working auto-focus switch. And to top it all off, the Nikon actually ‘zooms’ when you twist the focus, to turn your regular into a grande. The Camera Lens Mug is the perfect gift for any camera-geek or coffee-photographer.

Secret NYC Subway Stations

♥♥ Ever wanted to go on an adventure to find the infamous secret New York subway stations? Rumor has it that it’s possible to see one of the most beautiful stations ever built, City Hall Station, which closed back in 1945. The 6 train used to make passengers get off at the Brooklyn Bridge stop, but not anymore. If you stay on board while the 6 makes the turnaround, they say you’ll catch a glimpse of the famous architecture (no guarantees of course!). Find out more here.

HAL x Reebok GL6000

♥♥ The retro-inspired HAL x Reebok GL6000 debut this week. Limited to just 250 pairs, grab a pair for your boo before they disappear (because the smallest size is a men’s US8). Get them online via Highs and Lows.

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